Pop sensation, Kesha, finally released her brand new album, "Rainbow" on Friday, the first since "Warrior" back in 2012. Within the weeks leading up to it, she performed a few of the album's tracks and spoke to several media sources about the meanings of each of the songs. She had said that it was a project in the works for quite a long time. It contains an incredibly personal message, which is being received well by many of her fans.

Kesha's battle with Dr. Luke

Kesha has been involved in a three year long battle with former collaborator and superproducer, Lukasz "Dr.

Luke" Gottwald, since she filed a claim in October of 2014 accusing him of physically and emotionally abusing her. Dr. Luke allegedly sexually assaulted her, sexually harassed her, and forced her to take drugs, in addition to committing many other horrible acts. Dr. Luke denied the claims and his representative, Linda Carbone said that Kesha was making up the entire story, so she could get out of her contract. She had also said that Kesha is victimizing both Dr. Luke and other sexual assault survivors.

Court didn't rule in her favor

When the court denied Kesha's request to be released from her recording contract with him last year, which stated that she must record at least six more albums with him, she was uncertain about whether or not she would ever be able to release music again.

Many other high profile celebrities like Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, and Lorde went to bat for her, but the judge's ruling remained intact. Although the contract couldn't be annulled, a lawyer for Sony, Scott A. Edelman, explained that they would allow Kesha to record her music without any interaction with Dr. Luke.

"Rainbow" reviews

Kesha told NPR that the tracks on the album all represent hope, honesty, and empowerment, and several media outlets are supporting her, including the New York Times and Billboard. Vanity Fair, however, has said that her album is nothing more than an angry response to her ongoing legal fight with Dr. Luke. On Good Morning America on August 9th, Kesha said that the album literally saved her life.

It's her own story that has begun the healing process, which has allowed her to find some peace amidst a frustrating and heartbreaking case. Although she is still tied to Dr. Luke, Kemosabe Records, Sony Music, and RCA Records, "Rainbow" has definitely made a statement. Kesha is willing to fight and she's never going to back down.