After the farewell the characters gave the audience in the finale of season 6 of "Once Upon a Time," we can assume with ease that the show will not be the same. We finally got to see all the characters get their happy ending (or how they refer to it: a happy beginning), but that was not all this TV show has to give. Since they got rebooted for another season, the writers managed to set up the plot and create a question-inducing cliffhanger in the last moments. Henry is all grown-up, has a daughter, and is about to set path on the same journey as Emma Swan did 7 years ago.

She is coming back for the premiere episode

Since we all know that not all the serious series regulars, Snow, Charming, Belle, Zelena, and young Henry will be returning, we were surprised to learn about the short reappearance Emma Swan will make in one of the episodes.

To be truthful, it was maybe not what the fans were entirely rooting for; however, we will take what we can get. Jennifer Morrison, who has played the character of the Savior, confirmed for the fans that she would be back for the first episode of Season 7. We have to wonder about what will be the circumstances of her return; nevertheless, the fans are happy. Her return probably means that Emma Swan is alright (what fans are hoping for!).

A lot of the speculating theories about how her absence would be justified by the writers included her death (Yikes!), being stuck into another realm, or just separated from her Captain Hook (how could any writer dare to break them apart!).

Fan theories

The channel ABC has released some teasers about the upcoming plot of #Season 7, such as the returning of Regina, Mr.

Gold, and Hook with new identities, and curses to deal with.

A fan theory that was also mentioned to the show runners was that of the significance of the name Lucy. Since we do not have more to work on and speculate about, the fans started to "over-analyze" what could the name "Lucy" imply for her mother, origin, and her role in the story-line.

For example, she could be the Lucy from "The Chronicles of Narnia". However, the creators denied all of these theories and stated that nothing can be gleamed from the name of Henry's daughter. Another crazy theory, created by the fans, that went up to the show runners, was that Lucy's mother would be Moana from Disney; however, that was dismissed as well.

Till now, although we have several clues about what will happen in the upcoming season, it is still unclear what fans will see in the story-lines to come. We are truly sad to see so many great actors and actresses leave the show; however, due to the new adventures that await for us, we are excited as well.