After the amazing finale of Season 6 that left the fans in tears and on the edge of their seat, "Once Upon a Time" show runners decided to give the show another go. The fairy tale drama series will undergo a complete change after the most of the series regulars leaving, and will be, according to executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis, rebooting itself.

The Season 7 reboot

Season 7 is still being kept under close wraps. However, some details have been revealed regarding the plot and the new additions to the existing cast. The previous series regulars so far will not be joining the upcoming season and are excluded from the developing story lines.

So, unfortunately, Snow White, Charming, Emma Swan (she will be back in season 7 for the premiere episode), and many others said their farewells and concluded their happy endings in the previous finale. The word "reboot" seems a little harsh in this situation since a homage will be paid to the previous version of the show. But given that the original cast will be replaced, and the plot will go into new "uncharted" directions, it cannot be called a continuation of the previous "Once Upon a Time" as well. They will "stay true" to the core essence of the show. However, a lot of changes have already occurred.

What to expect from Season 7

The new Season 7 story arch will be built around Regina (played by Lana Parrilla), Mr.

Gold, and Captain Hook (played by Colin O'Donoghue), and the new 'series regulars' characters that have already hopped on board. First, of, there is Andrew J. West (who was on "The Walking Dead"), who will be playing the grown up Henry Mills, and the father of Lucy ( played by Alison Fernandez). These two characters were already introduced into the series into the short sequence at the end of the finale, that mirrored the premiere six years ago.

Other series regulars that will be joining the series are Dania Ramirez (she is being presumed to be Lucy's mother), that was on the now-canceled "Devious Maids," and Gabrielle Anwar (who was on "Burning Notice"). Some are speculating that Gabrielle Anwar will be playing a villain in the series. Furthermore, Mekia Cox from Chicago Med and Adelaide Kane (who played a character in "Kane") will be joining the crew as recurring characters throughout the season.

According to the producers, the main focus of Season 7 will be the epic love story between Henry Mills and Lucy's mother, whom he will not remember when the series begins. Season 7 will be premiering on October 6th, and the fans cannot wait to see the new direction that "Once Upon a Time" is heading to.