Halsey recently did a cover shoot for Playboy magazine and has met with criticism online. The singer has been accused of claiming to be a feminist but not acting like one, as she takes part in explicit shoots such as the one for Playboy Magazine. Halsey fired back at the individual and made some points about what women are capable of doing in modern day society.

Fan criticizes her for revealing herself during Playboy shoot

According to NME, Halsey's fan has come forward with claims that the singer is not a feminist due to the nature of her latest photo shoot with Playboy magazine.

The singer is wearing a pink bra in the photograph, which has been included in the latest print of the magazine and one fan found this extremely shocking.

The individual in question took to social media to lash out at Halsey accusing her of not being the feminist she claims to be. The fan stated that the singer claims to be a feminist but has no problem showing her boobs to the world in order to gain some popularity. They wrote the comment underneath the photograph that Halsey uploaded to her Instagram account with a perplexed emoji face after their statement.

According to People Magazine, Halsey did not take this criticism lying down and immediately responded to the individual's comment. The singer pointed out that she can show herself on a Playboy magazine as well as perform at the Nobel Peace.

She went on to make similar comparisons. She said she could give a speech at the United Nations and also do one hundred and fifty shots.

The singer stated that just because she was a woman did not mean that she should be in any way restricted as to what she can do and achieve in her life. She went on to tell the fan that she is a multidimensional woman and cleared up any confusion that was out there.

Halsey also tagged the hashtag #WeAreNotJustOneThing and has not commented any further on the criticism.

Singer opens up about her struggles as a biracial star

According to Fox News, Halsey also opened up about how difficult she finds being a Black Woman who can pass as white in the media. She claims that she looks like a white girl but self-identifies as a black woman and that this is something that she has struggled with her entire life.

The star claimed that when she was growing up she did not know whom she should be looking towards as an idol. She was unsure if she should be supporting black or white culture and that this led to many identity issues, which remain with her today.

Halsey has not commented any further on the criticism, which she received. Fans are proud of their favorite singer for advocating for women's right to be anything and anyone they want to be in life.