Nick Jonas has been the latest target of online humiliation as a Fan has called him out for his height. Jonas did not take the ridicule lightly and told the individual off for making fun of him especially as he stopped to take a photograph with the fan. Jonas has been praised by his fan base for standing up for himself and for being a good role model for the young men and women who look up to him.

The actor refuses to tolerate being made fun of by people online

According to US Magazine, Nick Jonas recently became the target of criticism online from a fan he stopped to take a picture with.

Jonas was stopped by a fan with the username @zak_hanzal who later posted the photograph on his Instagram account on August 24.

The singer was surprised to see that the fan had made fun of Jonas by adding a comment to the photograph. He stated that the "Closer" singer needed to grow a couple of more inches. The height difference between the pair is quite noticeable but the fan had no reason to draw specific attention to this fact.

In a report by Teen Vogue, Nick Jonas quickly noticed the fan's comment and did not hesitate to reply. The singer replied to the comment and claimed that he did not stop to take a picture with the individual for them to make fun of him. Jonas directed the comment at the fan and claimed that they were simply being rude and that it was completely uncalled for.

Jonas stated that his fan needed to get some manners and the singer's fans agreed as they voiced their opinions about the matter online. However, it appears that Nick Jonas' words appear to have sunken in as the fan has since backtracked.

The fan has changed the caption on the photograph after Jonas left a comment

According to Just Jared, the fan appears to have taken Nick Jonas' words to heart as he deleted the original comment he had under the photograph.

The fan changed his words to say that Nick Jonas was one of his greatest idols and this did not go unnoticed by Jonas.

Nick Jonas returned to the Comment Section and left a thumbs up emoji. He also commented again and stated that everything was good between the pair. He encouraged his fans not to spread hate and has claimed that the incident has been resolved.

The comment section is full of encouragement from Nick Jonas' fans as they stated that the singer made the right decision in calling out the fan. They have not attacked the individual as Nick Jonas requested and it appears that the situation has been resolved without any backlash between them.

There has been no more activity under the photograph and it appears that the situation has completely blown over.