Halsey has been a prominent figure in the music industry for a couple of years now. Her debut album "Badlands" came out in 2015 to much acclamation. And now that her sophomore record "hopeless fountain kingdom" is out, for the first time ever she has released a love song that includes female pronouns.

The song "Strangers" is a duet sang by Halsey herself and Lauren Jauregui, who you may know from the famous pop band Fifth Harmony. Both women are out as bisexual.

However, the song is not the only one from her album that features female pronouns. In her track "Bad At Love" Halsey talks about her past relationships, including men and women alike.

How Lauren Jauregui joined Halsey

In a recent interview with radio host Zach Sang, Halsey explained her desire to write a track that would be a "love song to the lgbtq community." After writing it she wanted to make it as authentic as possible and decided to look for another fellow queer woman who could sing with her. "I’m not going to put a girl on the song to sing who’s straight. I’m just not going to do it," Halsey proclaimed. That's how she decided to contact Jauregui and ask her to join her vocals for the hit "Strangers."

In the same video interview, Halsey highlighted why this song is important for her and the community,"It's unheard of.

It's very rare to see it from a female perspective."

On being bisexual and out

In 2016, singer Jauregui came out with a heartfelt letter that expressed how proud she is of her Cuban-American heritage, and of being a bisexual woman, many of the elements that make her who she is today.

Meanwhile, Halsey is an artist that has been out since the start of her career and has approached the subject of her sexual orientation many times before.

So while the news of this song is not surprising in its entirety, it is a breath of fresh air for bisexual and lesbian women alike. It is not common to hear songs by popular singers that depict relationships between same-sex couples. So when you do get a song like this one it immediately becomes groundbreaking, and even more so because it features not only one but two prominent figures in the music industry that are out and proud.

The bisexual part of the LGBTQ+ community is one that faces many challenges on a daily basis. Coming from their queer brothers and sisters and from straight folks alike, there's much discrimination and erasure to be faced when someone identifies as bi. Among some the negative comments bisexuals face are: "You are supposed to pick a side," "bisexuality is not real," "you are just confused." Arguments that can leave a person feeling that they are not straight or queer enough. So songs like this one are important because they acknowledge bisexuality is just as real and just as valid as other orientations.

Hopefully, in the future, the relationships between same-sex individuals will be seen as normal in every corner of the world, and songs like this one will make the news only for the talent they showcase.