Alternative-pop singer Halsey has recently received some backlash from fans after an interview she did with The Guardian. In the interview, she was asked about a particular track ("Lie") on her latest album, "Hopeless Fountain Kingdom," that featured Quavo, a Georgia rapper who came under fire earlier this year when he made comments in a Rolling Stone interview that were deemed homophobic. Halsey's fans were upset when the singer stated that she believed Quavo was "misunderstood," and that his lack of tactful vocabulary on the subject of LGBTQ rights caused his comments to be taken out of context.

She also stated that not all artists should be expected to be politically correct and that she has no intention of policing the thoughts and actions of others.

Halsey's social conscience

Much of Halsey's public image revolves around her multi-layered minority status (she's biracial, bisexual, and is affected by bipolar disorder), which has led her to speak up about a variety of different social issues. Songs like "New Americana," an anthemic, Millennial ballad from her debut album "Badlands," and "Strangers" from her latest project both touch on the topic of same-sex love and speak about it in an accepting manner.

That's why it came as such a hit to her fans, a large portion of which fall under the LGBTQ umbrella, when her most recent LP included a song featuring Quavo, who, in February [2017], did an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, where he was asked to comment on the, then recent, coming out of Atlanta rapper ILoveMakonnen.

In the interview, the Migos rapper made a series of vague, yet pointed, comments that were interpreted as homophobic by the interviewer, as well as the public.

The rapper received backlash for his comments, eliciting an apology that was left unaccepted by many LGBTQ hip-hop fans. However, the controversy did not seem to slow down the rapper's career and pop stars were, and are, still keen on collaborating with the hit-making artist on various chart-topping songs.

Halsey responds to her concerned fans

On Thursday (June 22nd), Halsey went on Twitter to publicly and directly respond to the concerns of her fans. She sent out a string of tweets acknowledging their concerns and claimed that, at the time of the collaboration, she wasn't even aware of the comments that had been made by her collaborator.

The tweets addressing the incident can be read below: