The romantic couple, George and amal clooney, has stepped out for a Romantic Date night again in Italy and both were spotted holding each other's hand tenderly. Their recent late night stroll was not just an ordinary night since both of them shared an intimate dinner together. Amal was spotted wearing her white palazzo pants while pairing it with her sexy red top. On the other hand, George has kept his night casual as he sported casual jeans while pairing with a white-button-up polo shirt.

Dinner with friends

Apparently, it was not the first time for the Clooneys to spend a romantic late night stroll in Italy.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the couple was spotted holding each other's hands as they headed to Le Darsene for a dinner together with some couple of friends. During their romantic dinner, both George and Amal were seen in all smiles and it seemed that the couple has enjoyed their time with each other a lot.

A photo of them has surfaced online and it featured the couple drinking their wines and kissing each other during that romantic date night. Without a doubt, the Clooneys simply had a great time in Lake Como, Italy.

To recall, just three months ago, the couple has welcomed their first brood of twins to the family. Since then, the Clooneys have kept low-key; nevertheless, most of the time, George and Amal were spotted spending a night together in the place where they choose to stay.

Amal's fashion ideas

Whenever the couple is spotted for a late night stroll, their online followers couldn't help but noticed Amal's taste of fashion. According to Vogue, the human rights lawyer has always been known for her cool fashion ideas. During their recent Date Night, Amal has wowed her followers as she perfectly sported an elegant alternative to a maxi dress through her palazzo pants.

It has been reported that since Amal gave birth to her twins, Mrs. Clooney has already started experimenting new fashion ideas for herself. Oftentimes, Amal is seen wearing fashion statements from Elisabetta Franchi which includes jumpsuits as well as bold and strapless dresses. She was also once seen wearing a shimmering outfit in Stella McCartney dress as her evening dress.

Amal has apparently taken her taste of fashion to a different level which is both new and stylish compared to what she usually wears. Apart from her huge pants and bold dresses, Amal also looked best when seen wearing mini dresses during their date nights.