Warner Bros. has finally confirmed the news that the upcoming movie for Joker and harley quinn is finally in talks under their production. It has been learned that Jared Leto is set to portray as Joker while on the other hand, Margot Robbie will portray as Harley Quinn. It was also reported by Variety that Glenn Ficarra and John Requa were both in talks to direct this upcoming film. It has been learned that both used to direct and produce movies for NBC and hence, they have been eyed by Warner Bros. for this upcoming DC entertainment film.

Reprising roles

According to Variety, Leto and Robbie are set to reprise their roles from the other villain movie, "Suicide Squad." However, it has been reported that this upcoming project is a standalone film from the recently unveiled solo movie entitled, “Joker.” Apparently, this movie has been developed as a means of a directing vehicle for Todd Philips when it comes to "The Hangover."

Meanwhile, further details about the film are yet to be revealed by the production. Ficarra and Requa were also recalled to have directed movies for Robbie and Will Smith back then. Apparently, both have already developed good working relationships with each other.

Directors are under negotiations

Further, the Hollywood Reporter has also shared that Ficarra and Requa are already under negotiations to finally direct this untitled movie from Warner Bros.

Apart from the standalone movies, the duo was also known as executive producers for the popular drama, "This Is Us." Both are also eyed to pen the script and to helm this upcoming movie for Joker and Quinn.

Several plans for the upcoming movie have been held fast recently since Warner Bros. was also believed to be in negotiations to some stars that will also star in the film who were believed to still have other commitments.

A source has also told THR that this movie will center on a criminal love story which will feature these two murdering maniacs, Joker and Quinn.

Additionally, Warner Bros. was also reported to develop a series of DC related films and this upcoming project is on top of their list. This newest strategy of the production will also distinguish the Warner Bros' super heroes among their other competitors like Disney films.

Further, the production also wanted to highlight their super heroes which will allow viewers to see these actors and the movie storylines being squeezed through different movies. In line with this, the production is yet to give deeper details about the movie as well as its release on air.