The Clooney twins of George and Amal might come earlier than expected. As per sources, amal clooney is set to give birth to their baby twins at any day now. Her due date was originally thought to be in the first week of June; however, the couple are expecting that their babies will arrive early. Meanwhile, the couple is now currently residing in their home in Sonning, England and have been out of the spotlight in preparation for Amal's delivery.

The twins gender to be revealed?

For the past previous months, George and Amal have kept their low profile and both decided to stay away from the spotlight for a while.

George was last seen on April 26 as he appeared on the red carpet in London while his wife’s last appearance was during "The Promise" premiere in London in April 6.

Meanwhile, despite the hiatus from their careers, both were seen strolling over the Berkshire countryside on April 2. It seems that the couple are enjoying their private lives as they also wait for the coming of their twins. For the meantime, the twins’ genders have not been officially announced yet. However, their family and closest friends, Cindy Crawford and George's mother, Nina Clooney, have given some hints that the twins are male and female.

Further, Nina also revealed that she and her husband is extremely excited as the twins will come soon.

On the other hand, George also revealed in one of his interviews that he wasn't expecting the kind of reaction that his friends made when he made mentioned that he is going to be a father. Basically, all their friends are happy for the next milestone that George and Amal will take as first time parents.

On the other hand, George further revealed that his wife won't allow him yet to give names to their twins.

George has always thought of naming his two little ones over tequila brands, however, the actor joked that this is one thing he is not allowed to do.

Julia Roberts shares tips on raising twins

Being a mother of twins, Julia Roberts already has experience in raising twins. With that, the actress shares some wisdom to her friend, George, who is expecting twins with wife, Amal.

The 49-year old actress revealed in one of her guest spots on "The Ellen DeGeneres" show that parenting is all about trial and error. Roberts told DeGeneres that being a parent is a whole lot of fun. The actress has been raising her twins, Hazel and Phinnaeus who are both 12 years old now.

Meanwhile, Roberts also added that George and Amal are expected to become great parents as they are great couples too!