Barbadian singer Rihanna is the prettiest woman on Earth at this time as her ex-boyfriends Chris Brown and Drake are reportedly trying to take her back from the hands of Hassan Jameel. RiRi is now dating the Saudi billionaire, and the couple is already considering marriage and having babies although they’re still getting to know each other better. The Canadian rapper, a few days ago, posted a photo on Instagram showing him sporting a pair of RiRi’s latest Fenty x Stance socks collection. As for Breezy, he is reportedly asking her friends around whether or not he still can get the chance to have her back.

Breezy is still in love with RiRi

According to a source, Chris Brown has been asking their friends around to find out Rihanna’s whereabouts especially that she’s currently dating the Saudi guy, who’s worth $1 billion. “[He] has always been in love with [RiRi], and he’s now asking around and trying to find out if she would talk to him again,” the source told Life & Style Magazine via Hollywood Life. Unfortunately, it won’t be easy for him because as we all know, he’s been in a whirlwind relationship with the Barbadian star and her family will certainly not like it. “If [she] ever spoke to [him] again, her family would lose it,” the source added. Apparently, her family will certainly get in the way this time in the event that she would think about giving him another shot.

RiRi’s dad is more careful now

If Chris Brown attempts to win Rihanna back, her father might not just approve it given their tumultuous relationship. It can be recalled when Mr. Fenty asked her daughter to be careful with dating Hassan Jameel because the guy is filthy rich and his massive bank account is a red flag. According to her pops, his money could mean that there will be a lot of women chasing after him and he doesn’t want RiRi to get hurt again.

Pops is just being protective of his baby girl!

Breezy regrets

Chris Brown and Rihanna have had a chaotic relationship. In 2009, Breezy left RiRi beaten when they had a fight that prompted her to take a legal action against him. In his documentary “Welcome to My Life,” he said that he “felt like a fucking monster” following the incident.

After the chaotic fight that ended RiRi bruised, she immediately obtained a restraining order against him. Breezy said in the documentary that he meant to marry the Barbadian singer, but he lied about a sexual encounter with someone before their relationship started. As a result, he lost her trust.

Do you think that Chris Brown can win Rihanna back?