General Hospital” spoilers direct from a network source confirm that Steve Burton is not back as Stone Cold Jason Morgan (at least not at first). That role belongs to Billy Miller. In a brand new interview with TV Line, “GH” executive producer Frank Valentini revealed there is no twin twist coming anytime soon to Port Charles, so that means Billy Miller stays Jason and Steve Burton will play someone else.

"GH" producer speaks out

When talking to TV Line, "General Hospital" producer Frank Valentini said that "No one has guessed right" when it comes to the character and plot that will bring Steve Burton back to "GH" and Port Charles.

That means it's not a twin twist, which is the most common theory floated by "GH" fans. Other "General Hospital" spoiler theories have said one of them is the "real" Jason, so Valentini also denied that notion.

But one "GH" spoiler theory that hasn't been debunked yet is that Steve could play a new mobster in town. Just like when "General Hospital" brought back Sarah Brown [ex-Carly Corinthos] as a new character - Claudia Zacchara - that could be exactly what the ABC soap is planning to do with Steve Burton, too. Since Sonny Corinthos [Maurice Benard] is stepping back from the mob, it makes sense that someone else will step up and take over.

Will Burton's new guy face off with Max Giambetti?

On recent "General Hospital" episodes, it came out that Max Giambetti [Derk Cheetwood] would take over the Corinthos cartel for Sonny.

Diane Miller [Carolyn Hennesy] and Carly had an intense discussion about it. But there has also been lots of talk about Sonny's departure leaving a vacuum of power that someone could use to step in and take over the Port Charles mob.

It now seems that "GH" was laying the groundwork for Burton's return with these comments since he's not coming back as Jason according to Frank Valentini.

"GH" fans know that Stone Cold Jason ran Sonny's cartel for him back in the day so this could work. Plus, the Jeromes are in no condition to challenge the cartel since Ava Jerome [Maura West] is scarred and Julian Jerome [William deVry] has left "GH" for now.

Burton may yet turn out to be Jason on "General Hospital"

One thing to remember is that no matter what Frank Valentini says, it seems very likely that, in the long run, Steve Burton will turn out to be Jason, a secret twin, or something similar.

"General Hospital" showrunners sometimes fib to fans to throw them off the trail. Also, they sometimes change plots when too many fans guess what's coming as they did with the Luke/Fluke [Anthony Geary] plot.

What role would you like to see Burton begin as since Valentini says none of the assumed guessed including "real" Jason, Jason's twin, and other fan theories are correct? The "GH" producer also promised Steve Burton's initial plot will reveal slowly over nine months, so where it starts versus where it winds up should be very different things, judging from the latest "General Hospital" spoilers.