"General Hospital" news on casting changes at ABC Daytime offers hope for fans. Steve Burton's return was announced last week by "GH" and social media exploded. Many have speculated that Steve Burton's return meant Billy Miller would leave. But one soap source on Twitter believes otherwise — and some of the prediction on Twitter have been accurate, including Rebecca Budig's exit. According to the source, Billy Miller may not be leaving.

This Twitter source does not list her real name on social media or explain her ties to "General Hospital," but she keeps breaking accurate news.

She was the first to report Rebecca Budig's departure and offered more details over the last few days. The soap source says Hayden Barnes will not be killed off to explain Rebecca's exit. There are no particulars yet on how, why or when Hayden will leave, but Rebecca Budig confirmed she is done at "GH" and filmed her last scenes. What about Michael Easton?

Hayden leaves but Finn will stay

With "GH" rumors dispelled that Hayden will die, the exit plot is up in the air. Jamey Giddens of Daytime Confidential said weeks ago that Michael Easton wanted to leave "General Hospital.

However, another soap source disputed that consistently and still insists that Michael Easton is sticking around. With Rebecca Budig officially gone, it's certain that Easton outlasted her. The actor posted a lovely tribute to Rebecca on his Facebook page and called her his "partner in crime".

In turn, Rebecca Budig thanked Michael Easton and said "he's one of a kind." Michael Easton remains on "GH" for now but Jamey Giddens may be right.

Michael could leave later.

Daytime Confidential's Jamey Giddens also tweeted a GIF of the bloody elevator scene from "The Shining" to hint more exits were coming. Some soap rumors say Steve Burton's paycheck to come back to "General Hospital" was so large other actors are being written out to cover the cost, perhaps starting with Rebecca Budig.

Billy Miller's role with Steve Burton's return

The same Twitter soap insider that first broke the news of Rebecca Budig leaving says not to assume Billy Miller is leaving. She says he is in contract negotiations right now and if he wanted to leave he would not be negotiating.

Jamey Giddens teased the Billy Miller and Steve Burton plot with the following GIF. If you don't know the reference, that is Arnold Schwarzenegger and Danny DeVito from "Twins." Steve Burton promised his return will be "very soon" so we may see twin Jasons on "General Hospital".

Roger Howarth returns as "GH" lights up in July

The set of "General Hospital" is dark now because the ABC soap is on three weeks vacation.

The same set insider that shared the Rebecca Budig, Michael Easton, and Billy Miller news says Roger Howarth is back soon. Kirsten Storms came back just before ABC Daytime went on break but Howarth did not. Some reports said he was back in late June and new Franco Baldwin episodes would air in late July. This is not true. This same soap source says Elizabeth Webber [Rebecca Herbst] will soon explain Franco's absence to Hayden Barnes [Rebecca Budig].

The source says Roger Howarth returns next week when the lights are back on at "General Hospital". This pushes Franco's return to Port Charles to August.

Disappointed Friz fans must be patient! July and August should be busy with "GH" cast changes. Valentin Cassadine [James Patrick Stuart] returns Wednesday, July 5. Rio Mangini, who debuted as Oscar last week, turned in his resignation so ABC is re-casting the role and Nicolas Bechtel has finished his summer run at ABC Daytime.

More "General Hospital" news will follow.