"The Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers are always great to read, but when lies begin being advertised as spoilers, that's when soap fans are unfairly upset. In this time when soap ratings are important to keep the shows on the air, anytime a "news" outlet writes garbage, it hurts the show and, in the long run, can contribute to the cancellation of good shows. A recent case is a couple of fibs about "B&B" that are being promoted as spoilers and rumors when there is no truth to them at all.

Pierson Fode is not leaving "Bold"

One outlet that shall not be named has touted that Pierson Fode is leaving the role of Thomas Forrester and that the "B&B" story will see him moving permanently to New York City to be with Caroline Spencer [Linsey Godfrey].

Clever fans of "Bold and the Beautiful" should have known from the start that this was a lie since the story is obviously setting up Bill Spencer's [Don Diamont] lie to be exposed and a reunion between Thomas and Sally Spectra [Courtney Hope].

At a recent red carpet event, Pierson Fode spoke out and explained that he missed a fan event only because he found out too late and had already arranged a visit back to his home state of Washington for his father's birthday. His missing the "Bold and the Beautiful" fan event seemed to spark the exit untruth.

Pierson clarified to the interviewer that he is staying at "B&B" and said, "There's more to come, obviously, there's more."

Liam and Sally are not hooking up on "B&B"

The other ridiculous "Bold and the Beautiful" spoiler (from another site of ill repute) that's nothing more than an unsubstantiated rumor is that Liam Spencer [Scott Clifton] would get with Sally Spectra [Courtney Hope] and dump Steffy Forrester [Jacqueline MacInnes Wood] over her helping Bill lie about Caroline Spencer [Linsey Godfrey].

Legitimate "Bold" spoilers for next week from the soap magazines indicate Thomas is back at Sally's side next week and will stay when the death lie is revealed.

Also, Liam loves Steffy too much and has worked too hard to win her back to walk away from her for a shot at the fiery ginger.

Just because Liam has been nice to Sally means nothing. "Bold and the Beautiful" fans know that Liam is nice to everyone. He's the "Boy Scout" as his dad Bill calls him. No way will the Boy Scout leave the wife he stole from his brother to get with the woman that stole designs from the hottie wife. No way.

Sometimes with soap spoilers, the best approach is to read for fun, but not take anything too seriously - particularly things that sound outrageous, impossible, don't match the character's history of behavior or come from a source that's known for spreading lies. Check back soon for some real "The Bold and the Beautiful" spoilers.