The world is still talking about "The Bachelorette" Season 13 finale where Rachel Lindsay, the 32-year-old Dallas attorney accepted the proposal from Bryan Abasolo, the 37-year-old chiropractor from Miami, Florida. Some viewers were not surprised that Bryan was Rachel's final choice.

Plans for wedding

Since the finale, Rachel and Bryan have been busy going on talk shows and being interviewed by hosts who still want to know more about the couple's journey to love, romance, and an engagement. Rachel and Bryan have announced that they are going to enjoy doing things normal couples do before rushing into marriage.

They want to have a winter wedding probably in December 2018 or January 2019. Viewers are hoping their wedding will be televised on ABC.

In the meantime, the newly engaged couple wants to live as a normal couple because they haven't been able to do so since they became engaged three months ago. They haven't decided if they will live in Bryan's native Miami, Rachel's native Dallas, or in Los Angeles.

Love notes

Writing to each other on social media is something the couple hasn't been able to do until now. Bryan posted a love note on Instagram to Rachel, and she responded soon afterward. He called her his love and his rock. He said his life gets better and better every day now that she is part of it.

He added that he is looking forward to a future with her because of their deep love and respect for each other. He promised to love her forever.

Rachel responded with words that mirrored what Bryan wrote. She also called him her rock. She added that even though they found each other in a public way, their love for each other is real.

Rachel concluded by saying she is excited to spend forever with Bryan.

Did not settle

Some people are still saying Rachel settled for Bryan after second runner-up Peter Kraus said he was not ready to propose. Rachel denied that she settled. She is hoping that people will see the chemistry she and Bryan have when they are together.

She is also hoping when people read Bryan's love note to her and her love note to him they will stop saying she settled and know they are very happy together. Rachel confessed during the finale that she is living her best life, and she would go through the process again if that was the way for her to meet Bryan and win his heart.

It is very interesting that Bryan was the one who received the first impression rose and the final rose. He was also the first one to kiss Rachel during the season. It seems like it was meant for him to be Rachel's choice from the very beginning.