Fresh "General Hospital" spoilers from a leaked audio sound bite reveal that Jason Morgan [Billy Miller] will soon be fighting for his life in surgery at "GH" after he's shot in a mob confrontation. Celeb Dirty Laundry incorrectly reported that Steve Burton was back on set while these scenes filmed on August 4, but, in fact, Burton didn't return to the Prospect Park Studios set until August 14 as you can see in the tweet below directly from Burton. That means whatever happened to Jason had nothing to do with Burton's return as an unannounced character.

Leaked audio shows Jason shot, new video promo confirms

A recent "General Hospital" video promo confirms what the leaked audio teased - Jason is shot and will need life-saving surgery. The audio came courtesy of Sean Ringgold, a soap actor visiting the "GH" set, and you can hear dialog recorded as he sits in the booth with Frank Valentini. Sam asks how long the surgery will take and she's told that it will take a while. Sonny Corinthos [Maurice Benard] is with her as is Carly Corinthos [Laura Wright] and all are getting along. So ignore any fake news stories about Carly coming at Sam for revenge or that Burton's character shot Miller's Jason!

"General Hospital" spoilers from the leaked audio show Sam is encouraged to take a break and go eat while Jason is in surgery, but Sam declines and says "I'm not hungry." Sonny chimes in and says she needs to "keep her strength up" and Carly says she needs to be at the top of her game "when Jason pulls through." It seems like all three friends are awaiting results of Jason's surgery.

This is the second time in recent months that Jason was shot, the first being in Puerto Rico when Carly accidentally shot him while aiming for Garvey [Rick Ravanello].

Mob war breaks out and Max returns

"General Hospital" spoilers from recent episodes reveal that Max Giambetti [Derk Cheetwood] and Milo Giambetti [Drew Cheetwood] are back as part of the mob transition storyline.

Sonny's trying to get loose from the cartel and appoints Max as de facto mob boss. Max is excited to take on the role but, just as everyone feared, a new mobster has rolled into Port Charles looking to take over the Corinthos territory as Sonny steps down. It seems that this is what provokes the mob shootout that involves Sonny, Max and Jason - and lands Jason at "GH" in critical condition.

"GH" spoilers from the recent mob war promo show Jason at a warehouse facing off with a bad guy, gun in hand, and warns the other guy "to put it down." The same video show Max and Sonny cornered in a warehouse. Remember, Sonny is not at full capacity because Sam shot him in the leg! Max tosses Sonny a gun as trouble comes for them. It looks like all the mob action, including Jason's shooting, happens at the Corinthos Coffee warehouse on the waterfront, based on the new promo video (see below).

Burton back as rival mob boss?

It seems that Sam's worst fear, that Sonny will get Jason killed with his dirty mob business, comes close to reality, but at least she's disease-free and thinking clearly. It could be that Jason's shooting does tie into Burton's return since some "GH" rumors say that Burton may turn up in Port Charles as an enemy mobster since Frank Valentini said in an interview that Burton would be a new character. All this happens at the end of August, based on the latest "General Hospital" spoilers.