Spoiler alerts indicate that Steve Burton is returning to "General Hospital " as a totally new character. They also say that Burton teased his Instagram followers, by posting an image of himself when he first portrayed Jason Morgan. And added a caption asking if he was going to be playing"this guy." This has people wondering if his new character will be revealed as Jason at a later date.

The mystery surrounding Jason continues

"General Hospital: fans are on the edge of their seats in anticipation of who Steve Burton will portray when he returns to Port Charles, and how it will affect the current Jason being played by Billy Miller. The scenarios are: Burton replacing Miller, his being an entirely different character, or finding out that the current Jason Morgan is his brother.

silence is golden, but the secrecy surrounding this character is maddening to loyal fans.

Spoiler alerts suggest the mystery is to build suspense, in order to reveal at a later date that Steve Burton is the true Stone Cold Jason Morgan. Earlier spoilers indicated that Billy Miller might be leaving "General Hospital" for prime time, but that had not been confirmed. The powers that be are keeping the fate of Jason a closely guarded secret. Fans will just have to wait to see what happens in Port Charles, especially where Sam is concerned.

Sam has just been diagnosed with an infection that is affecting her brain. One which caused her to spiral out of control and shoot Sonny because she had been hallucinating and seeing illusions of him everywhere she goes.

Now she is in the hospital and needs her husband by her side, but which Jason will it be to take her home to recuperate.

Miller and Burton would work well together

Steve Burton and Billy Miller would work well together as a team. Fans would probably love to see both men have a place in Port Charles. This will be confusing however for Jason's sons Danny and Jake.

When Miller took over the role of Jason, he was explained as having had plastic surgery courtesy of Helena Cassadine. One of the first people to recognize his true identity was little Jake who loved to be around him, even though he had a new face.

This time around there are Jake, Danny, and Scout who will need to recognize and with their father. Until there is clarity regarding the character of Jason Morgan, viewers will just have to watch "General Hospital" weekdays on ABC. Keep checking back for spoiler alert updates,