"General Hospital" spoilers from Daytime Confidential's Jamey Giddens reveal that Tyler Christopher may have inked a deal with "Days Of Our Lives" dashing any hopes of his return to the ABC soap as Nikolas Cassadine. "DOOL" head writer Ron Carlivati knows Tyler Christopher very well from their years working together at "GH" so this move makes sense. Carlivati is desperate to bring up ratings to save the troubled "Days" and has been busy hiring and firing actors and killing and resurrecting key characters.

"General Hospital" lost a great actor

"GH" fans love Tyler Christopher as Nikolas Cassasdine and his shocking on-screen "death" last year devastated many fans.

There have been rumors swirling, mostly from tabloid sites that trade in lies and fan fiction, that he would return. In fact, one site likes to report his resurrection on a near-weekly basis, along with other returns from the dead like "The Young and the Restless" Adam Newman yet none of their stories prove true. This, however, does seem to be a legitimate piece of "General Hospital" news.

Jamey Giddens is a trusted source of inside scoop at "GH" and he seems to be in contact with set insiders based on the early spoilers he provides including the return of Steve Burton, the exit of Rebecca Budig, and other juicy soap dirt.

Tyler Christopher has a legion of fans that love him, so bringing him over to "Days of Our Lives" is a great idea.

With this addition to the "Days" cast, Ron Carlivati might lure "GH" fans over to the NBC soap he's writing.

Tyler won't be seen on "Days of Our Lives" for months

One important thing to remember about this "Genera Hospital" news and "Days of Our Lives" casting scoop, is that "Days" shoots roughly six months ahead.

If this rumor proves to be true, we wouldn't see Tyler on the air at "DOOL" on NBC until 2018 in January or later. Eileen Davidson is back to "Days" around the same time. Earlier this month, Tyler Christopher retweeted a post from ABC Soaps in Depth that seemed to confirm that the actor won't return to "General Hospital" and you can see above what he said.

Tyler was in Arkansas shooting an indie film and shared photos from the set. But then on Friday, July 28, Tyler posted a photo of the dinner he was enjoying in Malibu which means he's back in LA after a long hiatus. Since "Days of Our Lives" films in LA, this could be a further clue to his return to the world of soaps. What will be a gain for "Days of Our Lives" is definitely a big loss for "General Hospital" and will be a real disappointment to "GH" fans.

What do you think soap fans? Are you crushed that Tyler Christopher won't be back on "General Hospital" as Nikolas Cassadine?

Tyler started on the ABC soap as a series regular back in 2003, but did you know that he was also on "Days of Our Lives" before that? Tyler has a brief spot in 2001 as Signore Christofero which, oddly enough, means Mr. Christopher in Italian. Now it seems that Tyler could be on "Days of Our Lives" in a full-blown soap role and it's time for "DOOL" fans to get excited!

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