Robert Palmer Watkins will no longer be playing the role of Dillon Quartermaine on ABC's "General Hospital." He was let go by the soap a couple of weeks ago which shocked most viewers who were fans of the actor. It was especially hard on those who are fans of the pairing of Dillon and Kiki Jerome. The couple known as Killon is no more. What will happen to his Dillon now?

Will he be killed off or just taken off the radar?

"General Hospital" fans are really hoping that Dillon is not going to be killed off. He is one of the very few Quartermaines left on the show that isn't already dead.

His death would definitely be yet another dark spot for this prominent family in Port Charles. Everyone is hoping that this is not going to happen.

Last week on "General Hospital," Dillon got a call from Nina telling him that he needs to fly out immediately to Morocco for a photo shoot. He was quite excited about it as this would be a big opportunity for him and he didn't want to pass it up. Nina and Nelle are supposed to go with him as well. Will their plane crash and Dillon gets killed?

As it stands right now, that is could be a likely scenario. Or maybe something happens in Morocco and he goes missing. That would leave it open for Robert Palmer Watkins to come back to his role as Dillon Quartermaine.

However it all plays out, this "GH" character will be missed by many viewers of the soap. There is also a possibility that Dillon gets an opportunity to stay there or travel around the world as a professional photographer and that would take him off the soap for a while, and away from Port Charles and Kiki.

What happens to Killon?

Dillon had asked Kiki if she would come with him to Morocco, but she opted to stay put in Port Charles to study for her exams. She is determined to ace the test, and not even a little skinny dipping with her guy enticed her to take a break.

Once Dillon got the call from Nina, he had to hurry to get ready to go. This may have been the last kiss this couple will ever have.

Watkins took a month off from "General Hospital" to go film an upcoming movie called "Last Three Days." While he was doing that, he got the call that he was being fired from the daytime drama. This came as a shock to him and to everyone else.

Even actress Hayley Erin, who plays Kiki, said that she was devastated upon learning the news that he was not coming back.

Killon has become a fan-favorite couple and their relationship has so far been fun and easy to watch. Now Kiki will once again have her heart broken. These scenes are most likely the last ones he filmed before he took his leave.

What do you think will happen to Dillon Quartermaine? Will he really end up dead or just go missing while in Morocco? Be sure to watch "General Hospital" this upcoming week to see what happens.