American Horror Story: cult” is getting a lot of attention lately, as the show will tap into a controversial topic: Politics. Many people are wondering how politics will be shown in new series. Will they portray the current government? Are they going to take a side? How will the series use this theme in their new chapter?

To answer all the questions regarding the upcoming season, “American Horror Story’sRyan Murphy sat down with Hollywood Reporter and talked about the show. He also shared what he'd like the audience to take home after watching new series.

Politics will play a role

According to Murphy, the next chapter of the hit FX drama will feature politics in two separate views. The new season of “American Horror Story: Cult” will open with the first episode, which will focus on Election Night 2016. It will feature both Clinton and Trump supporters. Murphy assured fans that they will be able to connect with the show as the portrayal will be fair to both sides, “Pro or Con, everyone can relate to the feelings.” He also stressed there will be no strong message of supporting one side over the other.

AHS: Cult” will use as politics as an entry point to the main story. “We're trying to understand how someone who is very charismatic in the culture can rise up and become a leader,” Murphy explained.

The story’s main concern is the cult

The politics is important in the show; however, it won’t be the center of the story. “The election is the jumping off point of the show but it's really about the rise of a cult of personality,” Murphy shared. He also added that he wanted to explore the world of Charles Manson before the upcoming season.

However, he was met with many difficulties. Only when designing “American Horror Story: Cult” did he find that the presidential election was the best way to introduce the idea of the main story.

Murphy is hoping that “Cult” will be able to inspire its viewers to talk about the state of America today. He said that everyone lost their minds after the election, and, to this day, a lot of them still can’t believe what happened.

“There is still no real discussion and everyone is still at each other throats. The world we’re living in is ridiculous, so a sense of humor is needed.”

American Horror Story: Cult” is the upcoming installment of the hit FX show. Show regulars Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters will return to the series. They will be joined by Colton Hayes, Billie Lourd, Lena Dunham, Adina Porter and many more.