Friday, August 4th was the last air date for Nicolas Bechtel on "General Hospital," and his character Spencer Cassadine is going back to boarding school. Many viewers are wondering, however, where Spencer's dad Nicholas is, as he is .supposed to be returning to the show.

There was no reunion between Nicholas and Spencer

Spoiler alerts correctly reported that Maxie Jones, Luke Spencer, Damian Spinelli, and Spencer Cassadine were returning to Port Charles. To date, however, there had been no sign of Nicholas Cassadine. Laura, Ava, Spencer, Valentine and other characters mention him often, but he continues to be a no show.

The rumor mill suggested that young Spencer's return signaled a reunion, for the little prince and his father.

Sadly the Cassadine heir was heading back to boarding school on Friday, accompanied by his grandma Laura and Kevin Collins. The scene where he talked about being an orphan and begged his grandmother to let him stay in Port Charles was heart breaking. When Spencer resigned himself to having to leave town, the look on his face was priceless. Sadly, there has been no sign of Nicholas. And should he show up now, viewers will not have the benefit of the father son dynamic that was so endearing.

Spencer was over the top

Nicolas Bechtel brought his character, Spencer, back to Port Charles with an over the top performance. If ever there was a ham for the camera, this young man is it.

Spencer knew how to pout, bat his eyelashes, cock his head and give the puppy dog face that endeared him to "General Hospital" fans. Young Spencer had courage and traveled from Europe to the United States on his own. it was thought that his father must be behind the scenes helping him, but Nicholas was a no show.

Spencer had a dramatic flare and stood up to his uncle Valentin, ready to defend the honor of his supposed deceased father.

Now the young boy is gone until next summer, and no word regarding the recast of Nicholas Cassadine has come forth recently. Perhaps by the time Nicolas Bechtel returns to "General Hospital" in 2018, the spoiler alerts prediction will have come true. And a recast for Nicholas will be awaiting Spencer's return.

It would be a boon for fans to see the young Cassadine prince come back to Port Charles to realize he has his heart's desire.

His evil uncle Valentin having been vanquished and all things Cassadine returned to the rightful heirs. Fans have an entire year for the writers to make it happen, so stay tuned to "General Hospital" to see how it all plays out.