Sam Tarly plays an important role in the overall storyline of the White Walkers vs. Humans as “Game of Thrones” progresses. Now in Season 7, he plays a part in the revelation of Jon Snow’s parentage (This article contains spoilers).

Sam may not be a fighter but he has proven his worth in not just one but several occasions. His peers ridiculed him when he was a member of The Night’s Watch because of his lack of fighting skills. However, what he lacked in physical strength he made up for his vast knowledge. If not for Sam, Jon Snow and his men would not have known about the importance of Dragonglass.

Sam revealed how the White Walkers can be defeated

Sam revealed that Dragonglass can vanquish the army of the dead. He discovered this by accident when he was outside The Wall. Viewers may remember that he killed one of the White Walkers in Season 3 Episode 8. He, Gilly and her baby, whom she named baby Sam, were at an abandoned shack when a wight appeared out of the night. Sam stabbed the White Walker with a dagger made from Dragonglass when it made a move to attack Gilly and her baby. He later told Jon Snow about his discovery.

Sam saved Jorah Mormont’s life

Sam not only saved Gilly and baby Sam’s life he also saved Jorah Mormont in “Game of Thrones” Season 7. The Maesters at The Citadel thought Jorah was a lost case when it came to his greyscale.

He was awaiting death when Sam realized who he was and decided to help him in secret. Sam Tarly cured Jorah Mormont of his greyscale. It was a painstaking process but he never gave up until all the infected skin in Jorah’s body was scraped off. Sam showed confidence despite the fact that it was his first time to heal someone with greyscale and he did this while following instructions from a book.

By curing Jorah, Sam allowed him to return to Daenerys and help Jon Snow capture a White Walker.

He learned where to get Dragonglass

Sam’s life at The Citadel was not what he pictured it would be. He had hoped to receive training as a Maester, but was delegated to do the dirty chores instead. However, being at The Citadel also proved its worth to the bookish Sam.

He has access to its vast library and being the wide reader that he is learned vital information about Dragonglass. In one of his readings, he learned that the cave at Dragonstone houses a mountain of Dragonglass. He then told Jon Snow about his discovery, which prompted the King of the North to visit Daenerys Targaryen to tell her about the threat of the White Walkers and the Night King. Jon and Daenerys entered the Dragonglass cave in Season 7 Episode 4.

Sam Tarly reveals Jon Snow’s real parentage in “Game of Thrones” Season 7

According to spoilers from the Dradon and the Wolf, Sam learns who Jon’s real parents are from one of the books at The Citadel. Perhaps it was from the book he stole before he, Gilly and baby Sam left Oldtown for Winterfell in Episode 5. There in Winterfell, he shows Bran a document that shows Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen’s wedding. Bran sees a flashback of his aunt’s wedding to Rhaegar and reveals that Jon Snow is their son.