"Molly's Game" is to feature Jessica Chastain as the protagonist of the movie, Molly Bloom. Bloom sets up her own gambling business, which comes to the attention of the police. The movie tells the story of how Molly Bloom got involved in gambling and how she climbed to the top of the industry. jessica chastain is joined on screen by Idris Elba who plays her criminal defense lawyer as Bloom is charged by the courts.

'Molly's Game' is based on the story of real life Olympian Molly Bloom

According to the Rolling Stone, the movie is based on the real life story of Olympian skier Molly Bloom who also ran a high stakes poker club for celebrities.

Bloom was an office assistant when she first started to help her boss run the poker business. It was the beginning of her interest in the poker industry and not long afterward she formed her own exclusive poker club.

Both the rich often frequented the high stakes poker club and the criminal, as Russian mobs would play there alongside A-List celebrities. Molly enters the poker business, which a tenacity that soon leads her to the path of victory, as her poker club becomes one of the most sought after clubs for business tycoons and the like.

However, her affiliation with the Russian mobs soon brings her to the attention of the F.B.I who begin to investigate. Molly hires a criminal defense lawyer Charlie Jaffey who takes up her case and fights to bring her client the best outcome.

"Molly's Game" has a stellar cast as Jessica Chastain and Idris Elba takes on the roles of Molly Bloom and Charlie Jaffey.

The trailer for the movie has been released and can be seen online

According to Vulture the trailer for the movie "Molly's Game" has been released online and teases the audience of a high action, high stakes movie.

The trailer begins with Molly introducing herself to an individual who asks if they have heard of her to which the man replies that he read her inditement and has read the book.

The shots then change to flashes of the poker realm where men and women are watching the cards spread across the table. The scene then changes to Bloom's arrest and the judge tells her that she is being charged with running an illegal gambling business.

Bloom then begins to narrate the trailer as she explains how she got into the position the audience see her in in the courtroom. She explains how she helped her boss to operate his poker games and stated that she was surrounded by celebrities who were going all in on their bets. Her boss subsequently fired Molly because she was earning too much which lead her to start her own gambling business.

The release date for "Molly's Game" has been confirmed as the 22 of November and fans are eager to see the story come to life on the big screen.