It has been a long time since Arya Stark was traveling with The Hound in "Game of Thrones." Although the two characters departed on considerably bad terms at the end of the fourth season, it is possible that they are set for a major reunion in Season 7.

But why is it so important that Arya should meet Sandor Clegane once again in "Game of Thrones" Season 7? Some believe that it could mean an epic duel similar to what happened between Arya and Brienne of Tarth in "The Spoils of War."

Arya Stark to reunite with The Hound in 'Eastwatch'

Things have been moving quickly in the seventh season of "Game of Thrones" now that the series is close to its end.

Most of the events that fans have been waiting for, like Jon Snow meeting Daenerys Targaryen, have happened in the first half of Season 7. Most recently, the Stark children were finally reunited in Winterfell during the fourth episode.

However, fans believe that a greater reunion will happen in "Game of Thrones" Season 7 Episode 5. There are speculations that the Brotherhood Without Banners could end up in Winterfell, which could mean that two old frenemies will see each other again.

It's no secret that The Hound has been traveling with the Brotherhood and it looks like they will be helping Jon Snow fight the White Walkers, as evidenced in the "Game of Thrones" Season 7 trailer. But before they head off to the wrong side of the Wall, Sandor Clegane could see Arya Stark in Winterfell.

This particular meeting could end in a fight between the two.

Will Arya fight The Hound?

It has been clear that Arya has improved as a fighter in the past seasons. Fans believe she will test her abilities once again if she ever comes across The Hound. However, it doesn't mean that either one will end up dead in their possible duel.

Arya has already confessed that she had forgiven The Hound for killing her friend Mycah. She even refused to kill him when she had the chance in the fourth season. There is a possibility that their reunion could be touching as both will see how different they are since they last saw each other. In the meantime, there is a darker reunion that could happen in the HBO series.

Will the Starks meet Lady Stoneheart?

Fans couldn't stop talking about the possible appearance of Lady Stoneheart in the show's recent episode. The zombie that was once Catelyn Stark reportedly had a fleeting cameo in "The Spoils of War," teasing on the possibility that she will play a significant role in the series.

"Eastwatch" is the fifth episode of "Game of Thrones" Season 7 which will air on HBO on August 13.