Aaron Carter has publicly asked actor Chloe Grace Moretz out after she admitted to having had a childhood crush on the singer. Carter took to Twitter to ask Chloe out on a dinner date but as of yet the actor has not replied. Fans are eagerly awaiting her reply and hope that she will agree to the date given Carter has had a rough time lately.

Chloe Moretz admits she used to have a crush on Carter

According to People Magazine, Chloe Grace Moretz recently revealed that she had a childhood crush on Aaron Carter. The 20-year-old recalled that when she was 4-years-old she had the biggest crush on Carter and that one of her friends also had a crush on the singer.

Moretz stated that they used to get into arguments about who would eventually end up with Aaron Carter.

Moretz ended the confession stating that one never knows what might happen and that maybe she might meet Carter one day. According to Just Jared, Aaron Carter responded to Chloe Moretz online after seeing her interview and publicly asked the actor out on a date. He stated that the crush was mutual and added a heart-eyed emoji but to prove that he was serious he also added that they should set up a date.

It is clear that Chloe Moretz never expected this to happen and as of yet, she has not replied to Aaron Carter's dinner date. Fans are wondering if Moretz was simply taken by surprise or if she simply has no interest in pursuing Carter who is significantly older than her.

Moretz was previously linked with Brooklyn Beckham but that pair has since split.

Aaron Carter has had a rough time lately

Fans of Aaron Carter are hoping that Chloe will accept Carter's invitation as the singer has been going through a rough patch as of late. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Aaron Carter's father passed away in May of this year and Carter was hospitalized in June after he opened up about his eating disorder and the body shaming comments, which lead to his illness.

In July of 2017, he was arrested when he refused to undergo testing for DUI and it remains unclear whether or not Aaron was driving under the influence. At the time, he claimed that there was an issue with his car and that is why he was driving so badly on the road.

Carter recently came out as bisexual and split from his girlfriend Madison Parker, however, there has been no evidence that his coming out lead to the breakup.

The star could certainly benefit from a fun meet up with Chloe Moretz and fans are desperately hoping that Chloe will respond to his comment.

As of yet, there has been no indication as to whether or not Chloe Moretz has even seen the Tweet but fans are assuming that she has and that she does not know what to say.