Sansa is not the most-loved "Game of Thrones" character at the moment, but she is still a Stark, and we have an interesting theory about her and Arya.

Sansa and "No one"

You probably remember Arya's training in Braavos, when she was trying to become "No one." This theory is based on a pretty weird coincidence. Remember that scene in season 6 when Jaqen H'ghar tells Arya: "Finally, a girl is no one"? Arya's reply ("A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell") apparently suggests that "a girl" is both Arya and "No one."

In the following episode of the show, "Battle of the Bastards," you can notice a scene where Jon tries to comfort Sansa.

Sansa's reply, as you can see from the picture above, is "No one can protect me. No one can protect anyone". What's our point? Well, if you think about it, the line can be read as "Arya (No one) can protect me."

Why we shouldn't underestimate this theory

Sansa could use some protection from Littlefinger's mind-tricks (and from herself). But Jon Snow recently left Winterfell to meet with Daenerys in Dragonstone. Who can protect Sansa now? No one/Arya, maybe?

In the last episode of "GOT," titled "Stormborn," Arya re-encounters Hot Pie. The young but skilled baker tells her that "the Boltons are dead" and Jon Snow now rules Winterfell as King of the North. As soon as Arya knows what happened at Winterfell, she changes her plans and rides towards the north.

It looks very likely that Arya will arrive at Winterfell in the next episodes of "Game of Thrones." Who will she find there? Her sister, of course.

Most fans think Sansa could use some help. She must be protected by Littlefinger, and we're pretty sure Arya is not going to like Petyr Baelish's presence in her house. We know Arya: as soon as she sees the creepy connection between Littlefinger and her sister, she will try to break it.

In our opinion, Sansa's line from season 6 could foreshadow what's going to happen in season 7, especially if you consider the show's history of Easter eggs and callbacks to the past.

'Game of Thrones' season 7 episode 3: "The Queen's Justice"

As you can see from the official trailer below, the next episode of "GOT" will feature some new Sansa scenes.

It's far too easy to predict that Littlefinger will be there as well. The question is: when will Arya arrive at the Stark's castle? Will the Arya-Sansa reunion take place this Sunday? We don't know, but we hope so.

The next episode of "GOT" airs on July 30, on HBO.