When HBO was hacked last week, publications reported that 1.5 terabytes of information had been stolen. While a "Game of Thrones" script was mentioned, it was clear that it was far worse. A leaked episode later dropped, but it was soon clear that this wasn't part of the hack. Now, it turns out that the hack involved private emails, information about other shows, and more about "Game of Thrones."

The hackers are now turning their attention to what they want to gain after stealing so much. They are in it for the money, and want HBO to pay a ransom worth millions.

Will the network pay it or will the hackers be caught?

HBO doesn't believe email system was compromised

After the hack, fans wanted to know just how much from HBO was stolen. The employees of the company also want to know, as there are emails stored on the server. HBO says that the email system wasn't compromised; at least, the network doesn't believe so. Yet, hackers say that there are emails and are threatening to release them. It's difficult to know just who is telling the truth.

There have been legal documents stolen. Employee contracts and personal contact information has been gathered, with some of it leaking online. This isn't the first time personal information has been leaked after a hack, with nude photos and details of people on infidelity dating sites shared in the past from other hacks.

Some of the information may be connected to "Game of Thrones" actors.

The amount that hackers want is unclear

Recently, the hackers demanded a ransom for the stolen information. What isn't clear is the exact amount, but it is suspected to be in the millions. The hackers have said that they want "XXXX dollars" to stop leaking the information stolen.

The hackers went on to say that HBO spends $5 million on "Game of Thrones" advertising and wants to be considered another budget, which certainly suggests that the hackers are after a figure in the millions.

HBO has been given a three-day deadline to work with the hackers and pay the ransom. It's unclear just how much will be released if the network doesn't agree or whether the FBI is close to figuring out the criminals' whereabouts.

HBO is working closely with the FBI to find out who hacked the servers. Reports of all information stolen haven't been shared, and it is unclear if HBO even knows just how much information was taken during the hack. There may be more "Game of Thrones" episodes leaked in later weeks, but the leak last week was not linked to the recent hack.