Tuesday on "The Young and the Restless" Billy showed concern because of his ex-wife's recent choices. At the same time, Jack and Phyllis decide to team up to take Brash and Sassy down. Victoria got defensive with her former spouse, while Phyllis is all too eager to team up with hers.

Deception is in the air with the women in Billy's life

Billy is concerned that Benjamin Hochman wants to take over Brash and Sassy, but Victoria is confident that she can keep him at bay. She responds that she will not allow anyone to swoop in like a gazelle and take over.

Vicky makes it seem as if she is on top of things and that her encounter with Ben was all business. Billy has no idea they spent the night together. He also is not aware that Phyllis and Jack have united to take down Victoria's company.

Victoria later meets Ben and downplays their night together, making sure he understands that they only had a one night stand. Ben, however, convinces her to go out to dinner with him at least once more before he leaves town and she agrees. At the same time, Phyllis and Jack are discussing their joint venture. Phyllis makes it plain that she only wants to decrease the time Billy spends with his ex-wife and is not interested in destroying Victoria's company, still, she agrees to work with Jack and keep their collaboration a secret.

Billy is about to be blindsided

Later, Billy is talking with Phyllis, and he is bragging about Victoria not being taken in by a smooth talker like Ben. Phyllis smiles and does not let on that she knows his ex spent the night with the business mogul, and even asks if Billy may be jealous. It is unfortunate that he is caught in the middle between two strong-willed women who are skilled at keeping secrets.

Billy is the odd man out and will be caught off-guard when he finds out the truth.

He may be somewhat understanding about Victoria and Ben, but what Phyllis is doing is going to hit him like a ton of bricks. The very idea of her conspiring with his brother to cause problems for the company he works for may be unforgivable. And the fact that Jack and Phyllis don't care that the mother of his children will be collateral damage may be what pushes Billy over the edge.

This may be what opens his eyes and gets him to see that his lover and his brother are cut from the same cloth. Both are willing to throw out the baby with the bath water in order to get what they want. Stay tuned to "The Young and the Restless" weekday afternoons on CBS to keep up with all the drama.