When it comes to television shows, it is almost impossible not to include “Game of Thrones” on the topic. It is just one of the biggest shows on television right now. HBO is definitely riding on its success.

However, not every fan of “Game of Thrones” is convinced with the current season (7th). Some believe that the writers purposely rushed every episode, while others suggest that the plot is not entirely satisfying. Here is everything about it in nutshell.

What are fans saying about the new season?

According to EHITZ, the most popular episode by far in the current season is “The Spoils of War.” It is where Dany’s dragon finally surfaced to join the battle against the Lannisters, with Jaime heading the troop.

Unfortunately for Jaime, most of his soldiers were burned down. He was frustrated seeing the death of his allies but wanted to take the chance to eliminate Dany’s beast. Fortunately, he was saved by Bronn in what appeared to be a silly move. Unfortunately for HBO, the said episode was also the most criticized in the community.

Fans claim that the aforementioned “Game of Thrones” episode offers logical inconsistencies. They are not convinced with the logistics the showrunners implemented in terms of plotting. On the official Reddit page for A Song of Ice and Fire, a post titled “The worst writing in the show since Dorne” became a hit. Another post in the page with the title “The show has officially gone off the rails” also became the one of the most upvoted posts.

Both have huge criticisms about the new season’s plot.

Why is this happening?

Others believe that the seemingly unconvincing plot of the new “Game of Thrones” season is due to the fact that George R.R. Martin’s “The Winds of Winter” has yet to be released. Supposedly, this is the main basis of season 7. But since it is still unreleased, the writers had to create their own story with the guidance of Martin.

Unfortunately, the fans of the show are not convinced. They suggest that the new season is far from the excitement and consistency that the previous seasons offered. For instance, they questioned the decision of Jon Snow to go North of the Wall. Remember that he and Davos planned to capture a wight as proof that they exist.

Fans call it “insanely stupid.”

Moreover, “Game of Thrones” fans believe that without Martin’s book, the showrunners are having a hard time building a firm story structure. They even think that the politics involved are “dumb,” while character development is stalled.