Actress Emma Stone has been on the roll for the past year after the musical “La La Land” made her talents even more recognized and also brought her a huge paycheck making her the highest paid actress in the Forbes list this year. She has not been in a relationship and new Reports surfaced that it is possible she and her former boyfriend Andrew Garfield will get back together.

According to E! News, the former couple has been spending a lot of time together as of late. They have reportedly been out and about. The most recent alleged encounter of the two was in London.

Reunion two years after split

If the reports are true that the former couple are seeing each other again and giving their love a second chance, it would be two years from when they broke-up. The Huffington Post reported that Stone has been visiting Garfield in London and they were spotted sneaking out of the back door and holding hands.

Stone’s visits to the United Kingdom was also reportedly because of wanting to see Garfield perform on stage in the National Theatre production of “Angels in America.” Elle reported that a source close to Stone and Garfield that his feelings towards her never softened despite the break-up so it was easy that they grew close once again.

A timeline of their romance

The two started dating since 2010 but they never confirmed if this was a fact. They were filming “The Amazing Spider-Man” back then. They split in 2015 due to the conflict in their schedules. Garfield has accepted a lot of movies that were to be shot outside of the United States and Stone was also busy with her own career that is why they decided to separate.

The two remained friendly exes as they have had interviews post their break-up and declared they still have love for each other. In an October 2016 interview, Stone said Garfield is someone she still loves very much. Last year, Garfield said Stone is the person he wants to take with him if he gets stranded in an island. He said that she loves Stone so she could come with him.

During the Oscars earlier this year, after Stone won at the annual event, Garfield seemingly felt emotional per the photos. He was spotted glassy-eyed after Stone won her Best Actress award. They also hugged after she gave her acceptance speech.

In another statement in January, Garfield said that Emma’s soaring career this year made him feel happy and blissful for her since he is able to watch her success and watch her bloom “into the actress she is.” He also said he has always been inspired by the works of his ex-girlfriend.

The two are yet to comment whether or not the reports are true about Stone visiting him in London and the possibility that they will get back together. Another source said the two remain to have busy schedules but they are seeing what will happen.

Stone is now in New York City filming for her Netflix project “Maniac.”