Emma Stone is this year’s highest-paid actress on the annual Forbes list. The hit musical “La La Land” she starred in alongside Ryan Gosling helped her earn the top spot on this year’s list.

The 28-year-old Hollywood and Broadway actress made $26 million in the past year and most of those earnings came from one of the Oscar favorites “La La Land,” which made over $445 million worldwide, The Guardian reported. Last year, the actress on the top spot went to “Hunger Games” star Jennifer Lawrence, who is now the third on the annual Forbes list.

Stone wants male co-stars to have equal pay as female actors

Stone revealed that she relates so much to her character, Mia, in “La La Land” as she also chased after her dreams to become known in Hollywood. Forbes said that this was one of the ingredients as to why “La La Land” became a success and why she benefited a lot from it in terms of getting a huge paycheck.

However, the actress recently revealed that her male co-stars often agree to lower pay because they wanted Stone’s pay to increase as they believe that is what is right and fair. She said that this should not be the case because men and women should get the same pay and no one should suffer payment cuts to ensure equality in the business.

Stone’s next projects

Stone will star alongside Steve Carell in the new movie “Battle of the Sexes.” The film is a true story based on the 1973 tennis matched that was coined the Battle of the Sexes. The match was between female tennis player Billie Jean Jing and male tennis player Bobby Riggs. It was the most watched television sports event of all time after they both made statements against each other in the media.

The story also centers on King’s sexuality. She had a husband at that time but had a woman by her side as she prepared to battle Riggs. Riggs, on the other hand, tried to relive the fame he had found in the past as a tennis player.

Stone is also currently working on a Netflix project alongside Jonah Hill. It is titled “Maniac,” a dark comedy show.

Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lawrence behind Stone

Jennifer Aniston nabbed the second spot for this year’s Forbes list of the highest-paid actresses in the industry. Most of her income, worth $25.5 million for the past year, came from her endorsements. Jennifer Lawrence landed the third spot at $24 million. In the past, she earned $46 million but she has been taking on smaller projects now which resulted in lower pay. Melissa McCarthy is at the fourth spot while Mila Kunis was placed fifth.

Variety confirmed that the sixth to tenth placers for the Forbes list this year are as follows and are in order: Emma Watson, Charlize Theron, Cate Blanchett, Julia Roberts, and Amy Adams.