Emma Stone’s boyfriend of five years Andrew Garfield played the role of a gay man who has AIDS in a National Theater play titled “Angels in America.” The “Hacksaw Ridge” actor admitted that he was hesitant at first. He said that he doubts his capability of playing the role of a gay man.

Andrew Garfield watched gay reality show to play a gay man

When interviewed for Out magazine, the actor revealed that when Tony Kushner asked him to play the role, he gave in. Garfield said that he would watch “RuPaul Drag Race” almost every Sunday with some of his friends.

He immersed on the scenes of Ru just to get the feel of being a gay.

The “The Amazing Spider-Man” actor admitted that he feels like a gay man right now but without physical act. The actor then retracted his statement saying that he is a straight man for fear that his words might be taken out of context.

What interested his fans was when he said that he is willing to go into the world of gay men and might find it wonderful. But for now, he is happy with his sexuality. The play is currently on-going at the National Theater and will go on until August 9.

He plays Prior Walter, a gay man with AIDS that separated from his partner because of his disease. The play is all about gay issues and the LGBT community.

Andrew Garfield is one of the most intense actors in Hollywood when it comes to acting. His latest movie directed by Mel Gibson was highly acclaimed by the critics during the 2017 Oscars. “Hacksaw Ridge” is about the man named Desmond Doss who fought during World War II. Garfield effectively delivered his role as a soldier carrying no weapon in war but believes in the power of prayer.

His performance in the film earned him an Oscars nomination. He was predicted to bring home the trophy but Casey Affleck won.

Andrew Garfield proves himself a versatile actor

Some of his notable films were “Air, ““The Social Network,” “Boy A,” “Red Riding: In the Year of our Lord 1974,” “Lions for Lambs,” The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus,” and “Doctor Who,” "Never Let Me Go," and "Silence" among others.

The actor and Emma Stone did “The Amazing Spider-Man” together in 2010. During those times, both were committed to their respective partners. However, when both got single again, they started dating. The pair broke off in October 2015.

Andrew Garfield has not entered into another serious relationship again after Emma Stone. The actor admitted in 2016 that the "La La Land" still holds a special place in his heart. His latest starrer is titled “Breathe” opposite Claire Foy.