It has been confirmed that rapper Eminem has set out to sell his Michigan mansion for half of the original Selling price. The rapper has not stated his reasons for selling the house but as it is not his main area of residence it is possible that the upkeep has become too much for the busy artist. The mansion has been advertised online for less than $2 million but the artist has yet to receive an offer.

The mansion is a huge property with many amenities

According to Money, rapper Eminem is selling his mansion in Michigan despite the fact that the sale will cause him to lose money.

The property is huge and stretches across 17,000 feet, which accommodates the several rooms that Eminem has designed inside. The house contains six bedrooms and nine and a half bathrooms as well as containing special amenities that Eminem wanted to add to his home.

It has been announced that all of the bedrooms in the house are suite bedrooms and that there is a guesthouse next to the home with a games room. The entrance to the home is gated making it secure for any potential celebrities who might be interested in buying the rappers home.

Not only does Eminem's Michigan mansion have vast interior space but it also facilitates other amenities such as a swimming pool. The rapper also installed a tennis court, a spa, and an entertainment cabana.

Eminem is hoping to sell the mansion for just under $2 million and it has been confirmed that this is not the artist's primary residence though it is the home where he raised his daughter Hayley.

Eminem is set to make a huge loss as he plans to sell for half the original price

According to USA Today, the rapper is going to make a huge loss on the sale of his mansion as he is only asking for less than half of the original asking price.

When the rapper first bought the home over fourteen years ago, he paid a sum of $4.75 million.

However, it has been confirmed that Eminem has put the property on the market for less than $2 million and fans are wondering why he is lowering the selling price so drastically. The property underwent a recent tax assessment, which stated that the selling price of the property should be around $1.8 million.

Photographs of Eminem's Michigan mansion can be found online and include pictures of the tennis court, the pool, and the house interior. The interior of the house is mainly designed with wood making for a clean and sophisticated finish. Fans are wondering if the rapper has landed himself in some money problems as he sets out to sell one of his homes.

As of yet, there has been no buyer for the property but as the mansion is going for half the price it should not be long before Eminem is offered a price.