Avid followers of Eminem are now thrilled for his upcoming new album after the rapper confirmed that he will soon be releasing new songs. Now, a recent report from Korea Portal suggests that Eminem is probably considering to release the album on his birthday.

‘Rap God’ hitmaker collaborating with Dr. Dre, Adele, Snoop Dog and Mastein Bennet?

Celebeat shared that Eminem could possibly release his up and coming album in the later part of the year. As a matter of fact, the “Lose Yourself” rapper had previously revealed that he is indeed working on a set of new songs under the Shady Records.

The same publication claimed that the “Love the Way You Lie” rapper would be collaborating with some of the best music artists in the industry. Rumors are rife that he would be recording songs with Dr. Dre, who initially helped the Eminem when he first entered showbiz.

Apart from Dr. Dre, speculations also have it that the 44-year-old American rapper will be collaborating with Mastein Bennet, who reportedly recorded a song called “Bulletproof.” The “’Til I Collapse” singer is also expected to record songs together with Snoop Dog, Vince, Staples, 50 Cents, Imagine Dragons and Lana Del Rey, as per Korea Portal.

Even Nicki Minaj expressed her desire to be working with Eminem again, HotNewHipHop reported.

“Of course I worked with Em on my first album, and of course I love Em...That would be nice, that would be beautiful,” the “Superbass” rapper stated.

While there is still no confirmed official release date for the Eminem album 2017 announced, there have been hearsays claiming that it would be released in October. Korea Portal projected that this could be the “Mockingbird” hitmaker’s gift to fans on his 45th birthday.

The rapper has yet to confirm these claims. So, fans of Eminem should take everything with a grain of salt.

‘Stan’ rapper releasing album earlier than expected?

Meanwhile, XXLMag has reported that Eminem is currently preparing for a big surprise in line with the celebration of his third album’s 15th anniversary. According to the news outlet, the “When I’m Gone” hitmaker shared a video of the album with “Cleanin’ Out My Closet” song playing in the background.

In the short clip, behind-the-screens, bloopers of concert videos were featured. The “Without Me” singer wrote,"TheEminemShow Anniversary Is Coming Soon. Link in bio," on the caption, hinting that he really has something for his fans.

Despite the scarcity of details as to what does Eminem is planning to showcase soon, there have been claims that this could be a countdown to his next album as the link brings fans to the Shady Records’ website. The “No Love” rapper has yet to give comments on these reports. Stay tuned for more updates on the Eminem Album 2017!