Eminem has not released any songs or a new Album since 2013. Fortunately, the "Stan" hit maker assured his fans on Twitter that he has been working on a new album. Now, fans have been wondering when he will release a new record. A recent report from Counsel and Heal suggests that Eminem might be considering to release his new album in August 2017.

In October, 2016, Eminem confirmed that he has been working on his new songs when fans have been questioning as to whether or not he already stopped making music. The "Love The Way You Lie" rapper tweeted that he will be releasing new songs that fans should keep an eye and ear on.

His Twitter confirmation has fans excited about listening to the "8 Mile" star's new songs in the future.

Fans hoped for an early release date

The Christian Post even revealed that fans thought Em was going to release his new album back in April 9. The news broke out when the "Lose Yourself" rapper posted for a picture with his manager, Paul Rosenberg while they were at a convenience store. Viewers of the photo though Em had "April 9" written on his palm as he raised his hand for a pose.

Despite the fact that Em has not talked about the release date of his new album, fans are still not giving up. Apparently, many music lovers still hold in their hope that the "Cleaning Out My Closet" hitmaker will not take another year before he releases his new album.

Fans believe that he is legendary and that he is the best rapper for many people in the music industry. Perhaps, the fans' love from Em is the reason why they are dying to know when he would release a new recording.

Tour dates

In the meantime, Em is reportedly heading in United Kingdom to perform live. Speculations are now making rounds that he might be singing his new songs during his tour in the United Kingdom.

The fans of the "Real Slim Shady" rapper are excited, knowing that he is back on stage and touring to perform live once again.

Below is Em's United Kingdom tour schedule:

  • In Aug. 24, 2017 in the Bellahouston Park, Glasgow, UK
  • In Aug. 26, 2017 in the Reading Festival, Reading, UK
  • In Aug. 28, 2017 in the Leeds Festival, Leeds, UK

As of this writing, Eminem is yet to confirm as to when he will be releasing his new album and if he aims to make it available in August 2017.