Chris Clark and "Little Mix" star Jesy Nelson broke up last year when Clark sent his then girlfriend a text messaging stating that he wanted to end things. Clark has recently come forward and opened up about his decision to end things with Jesy stating that the long distance aspect of their relationship was too difficult. Fans are not happy with Clark and have expressed their support for Jesy.

Clark has come forward in an interview to talk about the breakup

According to the Daily Mail, Chris Clark sat down for an interview with The Sun and opened up about his decision to break up with his girlfriend Jesy Nelson through Text Message.

Clark explained that he felt he had no other choice but to break things off with Jesy as she was out on tour.

Clark stated that he thought the relationship was not going to last and admitted that he could not deal with a long distance girlfriend. Speaking about the relationship with Jesy Nelson he explained that he was never going to escape it and that he used his current girlfriend's phone to send the break up the text.

Amber, who is Chris' current girlfriend, was also there for the interview and stated that while it was not her own relationship she believes that Chris made the right decision. She explained that Chris did not end things in a negative way and that he had to do what he thought was right for the sake of his own happiness.

In a report by the Mirror, Amber went on to explain that Chris was not one hundred percent in the relationship with Jesy and that it would have been unfair of him to continue seeing her. She stated that the distance between the couple had a negative impact on their relationship and that the only way Clark could break up with Jesy was through text as that was the only means of communication that the couple had.

The relationship between the 'Little Mix' star and Clark ended earlier this year

According to Teen Vogue, the relationship between Jesy Nelson and boyfriend Chris Clark ended earlier this year when Chris decided that their relationship was no longer working out. Clark has received major backlash from fans as he admitted that he broke up with Nelson using his new girlfriend's phone.

When the couple broke up Chris got back together with his on again off again girlfriend Amber Dowding. Fans were not impressed when Chris opened up about his decision to split from Jesy in an interview and believe that he was simply trying to cover up the horrible way he ended things with Jesy.

As of yet, Jesy Nelson has yet to comment on her ex-boyfriend's claims and her fans have offered her their support and love.