The topic of the TV Show "Supernatural" ending, the fandom avoids talking about since we would rather have it exist for eternity. However, despite the "forbidden" nature of this discussion among the fans of the long-running series, ideas have already been tossed out. The stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles, including the show runner Andrew Dabb, have a concrete alternative about how they want "Supernatural" to end. It is a bit difficult to think about the ending of a TV Show that has been on the air for 13 years, especially since it all began from Dean going into Sam's and Jessica's apartment to tell him that John was on a hunting trip, and had not been home in a few days.

Although those days seem like an eternity ago, the fandom still remembers the last attempts of the boys to have a normal apple-pie life, with families of their own. However, those hopes started to disappear after each and every season. They were always too busy dealing with a new evil that needed to be eradicated and saving other families, in order to create a bigger family of their own. During that journey, they understood the gravity of being a hero, and how that comes with a steep price. Although the dreams of the fans were maybe all about Sam and Dean winchester finally finding their happy ending, with families of their own, it seems that "Supernatural" will not have that kind of finale.

Jensen's comment

Jensen Ackles revealed to the fans in Comic Con the dream he had about the ending of the show.

His dream consisted of him being somewhere in the middle of America with his parked Impala in the intersection. Afterward, a biker on a motorcycle approached him, exchanged keys, and the drove in the distance in the Impala until he disappears.

According to Jensen Ackles, Dean gave away the Impala since he did not need the extra seat anymore. This dream was devastating to him however, it is not something he has not thought about or discussed before. He and Jared Padalecki have been talking for years about the ending of "Supernatural" and have pitched those ideas to the executive producers, in order to have the best possible ending for the series.

How does Jared feel about the show's ending?

Jared Padalecki along with Jensen, think that Sam Winchester should die in the series finale of "Supernatural." It is still arguable if both brothers will get to say their last goodbyes in the series finale. However, the actors and directors are on board with the idea of Sam not surviving the end. For Jared Padalecki this will feel like loosing a close friend and saying goodbye will definitely be a challenge; however, he is grateful for the opportunity he had to get to know Sam Winchester for the past 12 years.