Singer Taylor Swift has been involved in an ongoing lawsuit against the former DJ David Mueller in which she claims that he sexually assaulted her after her 2013 concert. The jury reached a decision and announced that they were siding with Swift and the judge ruled in her favor. David Mueller has been told that he must pay a sum of $1 million in punitive damages to Taylor Swift.

The jury has sided with celebrity Taylor Swift in the assault case against the former DJ

According to Rolling Stone, Taylor Swift can celebrate her victory the sexual assault lawsuit that she filed against David Mueller.

The Case began two weeks ago and since then Swift has had to recount the story of how Mueller sexually assaulted her at her concert back in 2013.

After a four-hour deliberation, the jury decided that Taylor Swift was telling the truth about the sexual assault and found David Mueller guilty of sexual assault. Swift was extremely grateful for the court's decision and thanks to the judge, the jury and her own personal attorneys for all the hard work that they have done over the past few weeks. The judge has ordered David Mueller to pay Swift $1 million in punitive damages as was requested by the celebrity.

Swift has released a statement in which she says she realizes how privileged she is with her current lifestyle and will be donating the money to different charities.

She stated that she realizes how easy it was for to pay to take this case to trial and that not every woman out there has the same opportunity that she has had.

Swift went on to say that she hopes this will raise attention for the women who have suffered a similar assault as her and that their voices can be heard. She stated that the $1 million would be going towards organizations, which help other sexual assault victims defend themselves from the crimes that were committed against them.

The former DJ has appeared on a TV show and declared that he is innocent and can pass a polygraph

According to Entertainment Online, David Mueller has appeared on the show "Good Morning America" and has claimed that he did not sexually assault Taylor Swift. He stated that the jury was wrong in siding with the celebrity, however, during the course of the TV interview, he never once referred to the assault and simply stated that he did not do what they said he did.

Mueller has claimed that he can prove his claims by taking a polygraph test but it is clear that it is much too late for Mueller to be making such suggestions. The judge and jury have already decided on the verdict of the case and it appears as if Mueller is simply clutching at straws.

Taylor Swift is extremely happy that the court ruled in her favor and hopes that this will help highlight the real dangers of sexual assault and the voices of victims of the crime.