Kailyn Lowry gave birth to her third Son a few weeks ago and when she arrived at the hospital, Lowry didn't have any names picked out. Throughout her pregnancy, Kailyn has revealed that she has no idea what to name her little boy. While she knows how to be a mom as she has had experience twice before, it seems like her biggest struggle is coming up with a name that is unique and original, but still not too crazy for people to pronounce or understand.

While her two other sons, Isaac and Lincoln, have suggested several names, it sounds like Kailyn on bare ground when it comes to a name.

Many people will say that once she meets him she will know. However, that does not seem to be the case.

Birth didn't change her situation

The birth didn't change the situation. He has been here a week already and she still has to find a name for him. Right now, he is just called "baby Lo" to signal "baby Lowry." While she did explore Murphy for a while, her sons suggested Climber. It sounds like they are far from the same page.

It sounds like the father of the child, Chris Lopez, hasn't offered up any suggestions when it comes to the name. He revealed that he wanted nothing to do with the pregnancy at first, even though they had been dating when she got pregnant. Lowry had gotten pregnant on purpose, as she knew this would be the last chance for her baby.

It sounds like Chris had not been let in on the plan as she got pregnant rather fast.

Daily life taking over

Instead of focusing on finding a name for her son, Kailyn Lowry is instead focusing on her two sons, whose lives to continue despite the little baby's arrival. In a tweet that Lowry shared yesterday, Kailyn revealed that her son Isaac wanted tacos for dinner so that's what she would be doing.

Over the past couple days, she's been tweeting random stuff about her life, and she has not shared any news in regards to the baby name situation.

Maybe she doesn't want her fans to speak out about the baby name and criticize the name she does come up with. She may want to keep the baby name a secret for now, as she and Chris try to figure out what to name their son.

"Teen Mom 2" fans can be quite negative and they have shared feelings about the name. Perhaps they will also be split as to what is a good name. Involving the fans may be a bad idea altogether.

What do you think about Kailyn Lowry taking forever to find a name for her third son? Are you surprised that she has yet to find a name for her son despite him being a few weeks old already?