The "Bachelor in Paradise" scandal has gone further in terms of harming DeMario jackson's reputation, as it has been revealed that he was fired from his job. As the investigation into "allegations of misconduct" progresses, new developments are pouring out multiple times a day. Corinne Olympios claims she's the "victim" in an encounter she had with DeMario while filming the show in Mexico. In her words, she was "blackout" drunk after going on a boozy bender and producers didn't do enough to protect her when she got "raunchy" with DeMario in a pool.

She claims she was too intoxicated to consent to having sex.

DeMario gets fired from job

DeMario was reportedly fired from his job as an executive recruiter in Southern California. The "Bachelor in Paradise" probe is shaping up to be a bad thing for Demario, who's currently hiding out at a relative's home. Now that his former employer wants to distance themselves from him, DeMario Jackson wants the footage filmed between he and Corinne to come out more than ever.

Video has the answers

According to the embattled "BiP" contestant, his "character has been assassinated" and all he wants is for the "truth to come out," according to Inside Edition. He's confident that the video will prove how "lucid" and aware Corinne was during their sensual interaction.

The fallout came after a producer filed a complaint against Warner Bros. for allowing the encounter to play out in the manner that it did.

Many who've viewed the footage agree that Corinne Olympios knew what was going on when she hopped on DeMario's lap in the pool and began making sexual gestures. There are other sources defending Corinne's position, alleging that she was inebriated at the time in question.

The investigation is at a point where it's hinging on sexual assault charges. DeMario not only wants the footage released, he wants Warner Bros. to issue a statement that he's not the one being investigated. Producers are the ones being closely looked at over whether they acted recklessly. TMZ reports that the "BiP" contract is pretty airtight, so the chances of producers being at fault for anything is small.

Is DeMario Jackson being treated unfairly in the "Bachelor in Paradise" investigation? Having his name attached to the scandal has already done enough damage to his reputation. As even innocent people know, being named in any legal inquiry can ruin your life. There's much more to all of this that has not been revealed to the media. Will DeMario's name eventually be cleared or will it get worse before it gets better for him?