"Days of our Lives" spoilers for the end of the week reveal that Lucas Horton and Gabi Hernandez are both in for a surprise. The two will be in different parts of Salem, but will both be forced to deal with some sticky situations that will leave them feeling less than great as the week ends on "DOOL."

Lucas gets a shock when he wakes up with a dead body next to him

According to the latest "Days Of Our Lives" spoilers, Lucas will wake up feeling rough after getting completely drunk and busting into Adrienne/Bonnie's hotel room. Lucas tells Bonnie, who is pretending to be Adrienne, that he can not live without her, and Bonnie wasn't abel to resist Lucas' charms.

The two ended up in bed together, with Lucas believing he was making love to Adrienne. Later, Angelica and Hattie stop by to talk about the plan with Bonnie and find Lucas in her bed. Angelica is furious about Bonnie straying from the plan, but that won't be the most shocking part. Angelica will drop dead and when Lucas wakes up he'll find himself lying next to her dead body. Of course, he'll be completely shocked, and he may have some serious explaining to do when the police show up. Will he even be able to remember anything?

Gabi will be heartbroken when she learns about Chad and Abigail's wedding plans

Meanwhile, "Days of our Lives" viewers will see Gabi be completely crushed when she hears the news that Chad and Abigail are not only back together, but that they are already engaged and planning their wedding.

As "DOOL" fans know, Chad and Gabi just broke up when it was revealed that Abigail's marriage to Dario was fake, and that Chad still had serious feelings for his ex-wife. Chad immediately ran to Abigail to confess his love, and couldn't hold back his feelings. He proposed to her and the pair have decided to get married yet again, believing that they are soul mates and nothing can keep them apart.

Sadly, it looks like Gabi has lost in love yet again, and fans are hoping the show will give her a more substantial relationship in the very near future.

Many weddings ahead on 'DOOL'

This means that Salem is about to have a plethora of weddings. "Chabby" will be getting married in the near future, and Paul and Sonny also recently got engaged.

There are rumors that the friends may decide to have a double wedding, and that things will go very wrong when an uninvited guest shows up. Meanwhile, "Days of our Lives" fans will also likely soon see Hope Brady and Rafe Hernandez tie the knot as well. Be sure to tune into "DOOL" weekday afternoons on NBC to watch all of the drama go down.