Kailyn Lowry announced back in February that she was pregnant with her third baby. At the time, fans believed that Javi Marroquin was the father because they had just divorced. It hadn't even been a month before she was pregnant with her third baby. Fans were confused because she wasn't speaking out about the situation and she felt it was awkward to talk about it. The "Teen Mom 2" decided to shut down all rumors and opened up on her personal website about what was going on. She added that the guy who had gotten her pregnant wasn't interested in being on the show and Javi Marroquin didn't know about the pregnancy.

According to a new tweet, Kailyn Lowry is now facing the rumors that Chris Lopez only got Kailyn pregnant so he could get fame and money. Of course, Lowry wanted to get pregnant because this could possibly be her last pregnancy, but it sounds like Chris saw an opportunity. While it is a big decision to get pregnant and have a child, Lopez may have realized that Lowry had money in the bank from MTV and a fan base that catapulted her into reality TV fame.

Did he get her pregnant for fame and money?

Some people believe that Chris may have gotten Kailyn Lowry pregnant for the fame and the money. Perhaps he realizes that Lowry has money and he can go after her to get some financial support as he's the father of the baby.

Maybe he thinks he can file for child support, even though Lowry is the primary provider and supporter.

One fan reached out to Kailyn on Twitter, revealing that Lopez was supposedly flaunting how he was making money after the new baby was born.

The viewer revealed that Chris saw baby Lo as a paycheck. One can imagine that Kailyn is upset about this, as this baby is a child she really wanted and not just a paycheck.

No MTV show for Chris

Kailyn has revealed that Lopez has no interest in being on "Teen Mom 2." At present time, he hasn't filmed the show with Lowry. One can imagine he doesn't want to open himself up to the public scrutiny that he would face from fans.

Plus, Kailyn may want to keep him away from the show as she may not feature her little baby on the show. Lowry has yet to discuss her future plans for the little baby, but one can imagine she would want to feature the baby on the show for the sake of creating a great storyline.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry's comment that Chris isn't using the baby for money? Do you think he got her pregnant by accident or do you think he's using Kailyn for money?