It has been a tough year for former Spice Girls member Mel B as she is currently divorcing her husband and trying to fight his appeal for visitations rights with her daughter. The star recently stormed off the "America's got talent" judge’s panel when Simon Cowell made an extremely insensitive joke about her marriage. Cowell has been criticized for his comment but appears to show no remorse for his actions

The judge storms off stage after a nasty comment from Simon Cowell

According to Billboard, Mel B recently stormed off the judge's panel on a recently aired episode of "America's Got Talent" when Simon Cowell commented on her marriage.

This year has been a particularly challenging year for the mother of one as she is going through the processes of divorcing her estranged husband.

Cowell made a joke about Mel B's wedding night to her husband, and the judge was not taking any of the abuse. She rose from her chair and threw her cup of water at Simon Cowell before she left the stage. The other judges on the panel were shocked at Mel B's actions, but Cowell did not appear to be bothered.

Mel B later returned to the stage and stated that she told Cowell that he was an a**hole. Cowell did not take her insult to heart, and the pair continued with the show.

The star explains her decision to throw her drink at her fellow judge

According to E!

News, Mel B has come forward to talk about her actions on the recent episode of "America's Got Talent" when she threw her drink at fellow judge Simon Cowell. The incident happened after contestant Evie Clair performed for the judges and touched Mel B's heart.

Mel B explained that Evie Clair's performance reminded her of her late father.

She stated that her father had only recently passed away from his nine-year battle with cancer, which he eventually lost. Mel B went on to claim that Clair's performance was extremely beautiful it made her cry which was ruined when Simon Cowell made a snide comment about Mel B's marriage.

Cowell stated that the performance reminded him of Mel B's wedding night to her former husband Demian Aditya and claimed that it was a lot of anticipation without much promise.

This comment was extremely upsetting for Mel B as she has claimed in the past that her husband was physically abusing her and is currently trying to get visitation rights with Mel B's daughter.

Mel B claimed that the night of the show "American's Got Talent" was all over the place and that tensions were already raised. She then claimed that she is an honest person and that what you see is what you get. It is clear that Simon Cowell likes to tease his fellow judge, but one has to wonder if he took his jokes too far this time.

Simon Cowell has not apologized to Mel B for his comment, and fans doubt that the proud music producers will ever realize the true nature to his comment.