"Days of our Lives" spoilers reveal that another fan favorite Salemite seems to be leaving town. On Tuesday, actor Kyler Pettis, who plays Theo Carver, posted a video revealing his final "DOOL" scenes. The clips have since been deleted, but not before they were seen by many fans. The scene reveals not only that Theo is leaving, but also that Ciara has officially been recast, and that another character is pregnant!

Theo is leaving Salem!

According to Jason 47, The scenes take place at the hospital, with Theo in a hospital bed. Although Theo looks healthy, it seems that something had happened to him previously to put him in the hospital.

Claire asks Theo about the program that he's going to be in, leading some fans to believe that he's leaving Salem for some sort of work or college opportunity. Claire tells Theo that a year will fly by and that he'll be back in Salem before he knows it. Theo then reveals that when he returns he's going to be an uncle, seemingly revealing that his sister, Lani, is pregnant, which is a huge "Days of our Lives" spoiler in itself.

Theo also has a scene where he says goodbye to his lifelong best friend, Ciara Brady, who will be back in Salem very soon. Ciara has been recast with a new actress, and she seems ready to tackle the role and possibly shake things up a bit on "Days of our Lives." Meanwhile, "DOOL" fans are seeing the destruction of Salem's teen scene.

Jade has already left town, and earlier this week Steve and Kayla's son, Joey, turned himself into the police for the murder of Ava Vitali. Who knows how long Joey will be gone, or if he'll ever even return? This basically leaves Claire and Tripp behind with Ciara. However, the NBC soap could be planning to introduce more young people into the mix as the three continue to grow up.

Perhaps some new college friends will enter the mix once Theo has left Salem.

'DOOL' is making changes

Currently, "Days Of Our Lives" seems to be focused more on the fan favorite couples such as Steve and Kayla, John and Marlena, and Chad and Abigail. However, some big things are in the works at "DOOL," and they seem to be kicking off this fall with the return of Sami Brady and Will Horton.

Will will seemingly come back from the dead to shock everyone, including his husband Sonny, who is currently engaged to Paul Narita. Will will surely have an interesting story to tell, and he'll really cause some chaos when he returns, and his mother Sami comes along with him. Watch the soap weekday afternoons on NBC to see it all go down.