"Days Of Our Lives" spoilers for the current week reveal that Eric, Nicole, and Brady's love triangle is about to heat up. The three will have a tough road ahead as Eric will have a very hard time hiding his feelings for Nicole. As many "DOOL" fans will remember, Eric and Nicole were each other's first loves. They met when Nicole first came to Salem, and have a very long history together. Now, the feelings of the past are seemingly returning, at least for Eric, who will head to his father, Roman Brady, for advice this week.

Roman offers Eric some advice in his time of need

It seems that Roman is dishing out advice to all the troubled Salem citizens this week. He's offered Joey and Marlena advice as well. However, Roman may soon need some advice of his own once Hattie, who is pretending to be his ex-wife, Marlena, gets a hold of him! Meanwhile, Roman tries to help Eric with his feelings, and it seems that Eric will have to confess his love to Nicole no matter what the consequences are with his step-brother, Brady Black, who is currently in a relationship with Nicole. "Days of our Lives" fans know that Nicole has recently forgiven Eric for killing her fiance Dr. Daniel Jonas, in a drunk driving car accident, but can she ever be with him again after that?

Brady Black goes off the deep end when he feels like Eric and Nicole are getting closer

Meanwhile, Brady will be picking up on all of the tension this week. "DOOL" fans have watched Brady's rage and jealousy over the situation begin to boil over. Nicole has been talking him down, but it seems that she's lying to him, and herself about how she really feels about Eric.

"Days of Our Lives" spoilers suggest that Brady's jealousy will be at an all time high this week as he'll get possessive over Nicole, and make a very big discovery that will impact his future with Nicole forever.

This is likely going to end badly for Nicole, Eric, and Brady.

It looks like this entire love triangle will end badly for Eric, Nicole, and Brady, as "Days of our Lives" viewers already know that actress Ariane Zucker is leaving the role of Nicole Walker in the very near future.

The actress has already filmed her final scenes, which leads fans to believe that everyone will be hurt and Nicole will likely get her daughter Holly back and leave Salem, and the men she loves, behind. Only time will tell if the situation will have a lasting impact on Eric and Brady's brotherly relationship as well.