"Days of Our Lives" spoilers for the week of July 31 through August 4 reveal that one "DOOL" veteran is about to get a very big storyline. Deidre Hall will be pulling double duty as Dr. Marlena Evans and Hattie Adams in a brand new creepy plot. As many fans know, Hattie has been scheming with Angelica Deveraux as a part of a big revenge plan that also includes Bonnie Lockhart. This week, Hattie will carry out her part of the plan, which is to kidnap Marlena and take over her life.

Marlena finds herself in a nightmare

"Days of our Lives" viewers will watch as Hattie drugs Marlena and kidnaps her.

Hattie's plan will be carried out as Marlena ends up in a mental institution. Marlena will be scared out of her mind as she will be held against her will at the facility, and her story will sound like the ramblings of an insane woman. Nobody will believe Marlena as Hattie returns to Salem and completely becomes her doppelganger.

Hattie's plan includes ending Marlena's relationship with longtime love, John Black, and trying to start a new relationship with Marlena's ex-husband, Roman Brady. Roman has never really gotten over his love for Marlena, so the entire storyline should be an interesting one to watch. Meanwhile, John will likely be devastated by fake Marlena's behavior, and he may be the one who eventually saves her as he's done so many times in the past.

Angelica plots to get Justin back

Meanwhile, "Days Of Our Lives" fans will see the rest of the plan begin to take shape as well. Angelica wants Adrienne out of the way so that she can hopefully win Justin Kiriakis' love back. As many "DOOL" viewers will remember, Angelica and Justin once had an affair which resulted in the birth of their son, Alexander.

However, Alexander is said to prefer Adrienne over his own mother, and that's just one more reason Angelica wants her out of the picture. Although Adrienne is currently with Lucas, Angelica knows that Justin still carries a torch for his ex-wife.

Bonnie sets her sights on Maggie and Victor

This is where Bonnie Lockhart comes in.

Bonnie is a dead ringer for Adrienne, but she has her own agenda. "Days of our Lives" viewers know that Bonnie was once married to Mickey Horton, whom she wed after everyone believed his first wife, Maggie, had died. However, when it was revealed that Maggie wasn't dead, the two got back together and Bonnie was left out in the cold. Bonnie now wants revenge on Maggie, or "Red" as she calls her even though Mickey's dead and Maggie's married to Victor. It looks like Victor will play a big part in Bonnie's scheme, but it is Marlena who will be the biggest victim of the entire plot.