Most of the men eliminated from this season's "The Bachelorette" came together in the two-hour "Men Tell All" special on Monday, July 31. Host Chris Harrison began the show by saying it was a tense season in the history of "The Bachelorette" or "The Bachelor." He joked that at times things got so heated, the producers had to hire extra security.

Harrison introduced each man and welcomed all of them back. During the episode, clips were shown of the men in action. That was helpful because some of them had been eliminated so long ago that viewers had been forgotten who they were.

Men talked to each other

The men were very vocal when it came to talking about their personal experience with Rachel Lindsay, the first African American star of the franchise. First, they continued their feud with one another and addressed the controversies during the season.

One of the main feuds was between country singer Lee and pro wrestler Kenny. The contestants had agreed among themselves that they would respect one another. However, Lee broke the rule that caused Rachel to spend time resolving the feud instead of spending time with the men.

After Lee was eliminated from the show, he tweeted about race and gender. The other men attacked him for his action. Lee apologized for feuding on the show instead of focusing on Rachel.

He also said he was sorry for his racist tweets.

When Harrison read aloud some of Lee's negative tweets, people in the live studio audience were appalled. One of the tweets compared women to dogs and another compared the NAACP to the KKK. In spite of his action, Lee said he was not a racist. Kenny and Lee hugged at the end.

People who watched the episode believe too much time was spent on Lee, his feuding, and his racist tweets.

Men talked to Rachel

Rachel made an appearance at the end of the special and answered specific questions from the men. DeMario tried to defend himself to Rachel. Early in the season, she had sent him home when she discovered he had a girlfriend.

He returned, but Rachel sent him home again. On Monday night's episode, the 32-year-old lawyer told him that she had dated a lot of DeMarios. Therefore, she knew what he was about.

Fred from Rachel's hometown admitted that he thought he had an advantage because he and Rachel already knew each other. Even though he was eliminated, he wished Rachel well and said he hopes she is happy.

Dean asked Rachel about telling him she loved him and then eliminated him four days later. Rachel said she did love him and sending him home was a difficult thing to do. Dean wasn't bitter but gave Rachel credit for going home with him so he could see his estranged father whom he hadn't spoken to in over two years. From the audience's reaction, Dean seemed to have been a favorite.

Watch next week's three-hour finale of the ABC reality show when viewers will see if Rachel will choose Peter, Bryan, or Eric.