"James Bond" has been fans favorite spy movie and it has been engaging us from a very long time. Daniel Craig as "James Bond" is loved by audiences around the world and is also one of the main reason for the box office collection of the films. It was initially said that Daniel won't be a part of the upcoming Bond series. But making everyone happy the makers have bought the Bond back into the business. Hollywood actor Daniel Craig will now be seen in two more "James Bond" movies. After giving four smashing hits, Craig will be seen in the fifth and sixth movie too.

Name of the upcoming movie

Film producer Barbara Broccoli was in talks with him for a long time and convinced him to be a part of two more films. As per the reports, the upcoming motion picture will be named as "Shatterhand." The reports also suggest that the hunt for the next Bond was on, but Barbara got Craig on board for two more films. In terms of the film, the script of the film is almost ready and it is slated to release in November 2019.

Cast and other updates

While the fifth bond movie is on the cards, there are reports that the sixth bond movie will be a remake of the 1969 film: 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service.' And it is speculated that the deal for the remake is almost finalized and the idea of turning the 1969 film into a Bond movie is exciting.

The 1969 film was a crime-thriller, where the actor gets married just for his wife to be killed. And this plot will fit extremely well into the 007 series. And this will also be an explicit way for Craig to end his Bond reign. Craig's recent Bond film was "Spectre" which released in 2015 but there were reports about the clashes between Craig and the film director Sam Mendes due to some creative differences.

Apart from "Spectre": Craig was seen in 'Casino Royale', 'Quantum of Solace', and 'Skyfall.' And not many know, but Craig rose to fame when he was selected as the sixth actor to play the role of James Bond.

Craig had replaced Pierce Brosnan in 2005 and also won a BAFTA award nomination, with "Casino Royale" becoming the highest-grossing in the series at the time.

As per reports, Craig is the longest serving James Bond and everyone is excited to see him in the upcoming series. Craig who was not going to be a part of the Bond series has finally agreed to be there for two more movies and the fans of 007 series will obviously be excited and enthralled to see him sporting the look of the British spy, dressed the black suit for the last time.