The Playlist is reporting that the producers of the James Bond films are considering creating what would be, in effect, a Bond Cinematic Universe, similar to the Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and Star Wars universes. That means that along with the movies focusing on the iconic British secret agent, spinoff movies could happen starring supporting characters such as Q, Felix Leiter, or even Ernst Stavro Blofeld. The possibilities could be endless.

Movies in the Bondverse

Felix Leiter, Bond’s CIA buddy, would be an obvious choice for a movie. He usually shows up midway in a Bond film with a little bit of help taking down the bad guy.

But having a clone of Bond with the gadgets and girls, but with an American accent, would be repetitive. Just for a change of pace, how about giving him a wife and family to whom he is faithful?

Q would make a great movie. Surely a genius of his stature could do a lot more than creating crazy gadgets for Bond to use. It would be a neat idea to give him a space adventure, having him lend his technical expertise to a mission to Mars or the moon.

We are long past the Moneypenny of the Lois Maxwell years who was a glorified secretary who pined after Bond. More recent versions have been able to kick butt and take names. Let’s send her out on a mission.

M would also be the star of a great movie. One suspects that he (or she depending on which version) was an excellent operative back in the day.

What did M do when he (or she) was young and doing battle with baddies?

What about the Bond villains?

Blofeld would be an obvious choice for a movie, something that involves Spectre going up against an even worst big bad. Goldfinger would also be a fascinating character to delve into. How did he create his empire of gold and when did he meet Odd Job?

Hugo Drax’s early years as a commercial space entrepreneur would also make for great cinema.

And finally, the Bond girls

The problem with the Bond girls is that they either die in the middle of the movie or they’re forgotten by the next film. Still, a movie or two about what happened to some of the ladies after the adventure and whirlwind romance would be interesting.

Pussy Galore, the deadly aviatrix, should have a fine experience before or after Bond. Kizzy Suzuki of the Japanese Secret Service would indeed carry her own movie. Melina Havelock, the Anglo-Greek ocean archeologist, is also a personal favorite, sort of a female version of Dirk Pitt.