Hilary Duff rose to fame with Disney's popular show Lizzie McGuire and the 29-year-old actress, the singer has been winning our hearts since then. Recently, Duff was in the news for being Body-shamed all over social media. The actress was being trolled for her appearance and now she is giving it the back to the trollers back in an ultimate way. She posted a picture of herself in a one-piece swimsuit and wrote a message: "Kiss my a**."

Hilary Duff's in Hawaii

This incident took a head start when the star was captured having a great time in Hawaii.

She was seen spending some quality time with her son, Luca, aged 5-years. But was disgusted when she saw people trolling her for her the flaws she has in her body after some pictures of her in the bathing suit emerged on the social media platform.

Photo in swimsuit

Taking this one step further, she posted a photo which showed her back from behind in a one-piece swimsuit and while she carried her son in her hands. And posted a strong message on behalf of all young girls and mothers that she has flaws and enjoying them too. The act of body shaming has increased rampantly and even the celebrities are lashing out people on body shaming. And after posting the image, Duff took this war on body shaming to another level by sporting an even skimpier two-piece bikini on her holiday in Hawaii.

She looked beautiful as she walked proudly on the Maui beach and proved that she won't allow anyone to ruin her holiday. She is happy with what she wears and how she looks. And as per her, everyone should be comfortable with what they wear and how they look.

Duff gave a strong reply to the trolls and critics by saying that she is having a great time with her son after a long time has been away from him for weeks because of her work.

She even said that since everyone loves to share the flaws of celebrities, she is proud to say that she too has some flaws. As per her, she has got the greatest gift of her life, in form of her son, Luca. She is happy with her body and is proud of herself. She also believes that her body is helping her to get at places and that is essential for her.

Being confident like always, Duff even mentioned that she will be turning 30 this September and is happy with her healthy body. While giving a piece of advice to everyone, she said that we should be happy of what we've rather than wasting time wishing we were different, better, and unflawed. Duff's reaction was necessary and also managed to silence the critics who body shame people on the basis of their appearances.